Unit Testing Web Applications

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  • Tizen Studio 1.0 and Higher


If you are implementing a component in your application, you must test it to ensure that it does not behave in an unexpected way. Well-tested applications that perform as expected improve user satisfaction. Testing can also help you develop your applications faster and further, with less wasted effort.

Creating the Web Unit Test

A unit of code is the smallest testable component of your project, such as a class or a method.

You can create unit tests easily with the Web Unit Test wizard.

To test your project:

  1. To open the wizard, go to File > New > Other > Tizen > Tizen Web Unit Test.
  2. Select the file to test from the file list on the left pane.
  3. Select the methods to test from the method list on the right pane.
  4. Enter a name for the test file, and click Finish.

Figure: Creating a Web unit test

Creating a Web unit test

The Web unit tests are generated in the webUnitTest folder.

Figure: Web unit test location

Web unit test location

Editing the Web Unit Test

To edit a unit test:

  1. Add a test case using the test() function:

    test(name, test2);

    The function takes the following parameters:

    • name: Title of the test as a string, used to display the test results
    • test2: Function containing the actual testing code that is written with 1 or more assertions to test
  2. Edit the test2 parameter using assertions.

    An assertion is a Boolean expression that means pass or failure in the test. You can test a value generated by your code with the expected value using a number of assertions provided by the Web unit testing tool.


For more information on assertions, see http://api.qunitjs.com/assert/.

Running the Web Unit Test

To run a unit test:

  1. Right-click your project in the Package Explorer view.
  2. Select Run As > Tizen Web Unit Test Application.

The Web Unit Test Result view shows the test results in a tree format. It shows the passed tests with a green icon and failed tests with a red icon. To only display the failed tests, you can use the Show failed only button (marked with a red rectangle in the following figure).

Figure: Web unit test application result

Web unit test application result

To repeat the test, select its check box and click the Run checked button (marked with a red rectangle in the following figure).

Figure: Repeating a test

Repeating a test