Announcing the Tizen Studio 3.1 Release

Announcing the Tizen Studio 3.1 Release

BY Youngae Kang 16 Jan 2019 Tizen Studio

We are pleased to announce the release of Tizen Studio version 3.1. This release includes new features to further improve the performance of the Tizen Studio IDE and its tools. 

Key features

  • OpenJDK support 

    • Tizen Studio now supports OpenJDK 10.

      • OpenJDK 10 with OpenJFX 11 support has been provided in Tizen Studio. 
  • This release also includes some key bug fixes
    • Changing the profile and platform version now updates the rootstrap in project configuration.
    • Fixed the failure in generating a new certificate profile after 01 January 2019.
    • IoT certificates are copied to the project while building instead of flashing.

For more information about the new features and bug fixes, see Release Notes.

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Written by Youngae Kang