Running and Testing Your Application

MobileWearableTV Web


  • Tizen Studio 1.0 and Higher

Tizen Studio provides the following set of tools to help you run and test your Web application projects:

  • SDB (Connecting Devices over Smart Development Bridge)

    The SDB tool uses a command line to communicate with an emulator instance or a connected target device. You can send commands to a specific device to advance application development, such as file transfer, remote shell command, port forwarding for a debugger, viewing, filtering, and controlling target log output.

  • Emulator (Running Applications on the Emulator)

    The Tizen Emulator tool reduces the inconvenience of testing the application on a real device, by providing an environment similar to a real device. With the Emulator Manager, you can create multiple emulator instances, each representing a different environment (device type).

  • Web Unit Testing Tool (Unit Testing Web Applications)

    The unit test tool is used to ensure that the application runs properly as intended in the source code. You can create, edit, and run unit tests, and check and analyze the test results.