• Tizen Studio 1.0 and Higher

Tizen Studio 1.2 is now launched!

With the Tizen Studio, you can select and install only those platforms and profiles you need. With a new Eclipse version as the Tizen Studio platform, you can experience the stable, lightweight, and consistent user interface that is unique to the Tizen development environment.

In the Tizen Studio, you can perform all the same development activities that were possible with the old Tizen SDK: you can develop, build, debug, profile, and emulate Tizen native and Web applications. In the Tizen Studio, the new development environment is simply better. It allows you to develop applications more comfortably in the Tizen Studio that is more focused on the Tizen development. There are about 200 types of online sample codes available to increase the understanding of Tizen applications, and new sample applications are added continuously in the future as well.

To develop your applications, use the related tools provided by the Tizen Studio:

  • Download

    Learn about installing and updating the Tizen Studio. You may need to install additional packages to develop applications for various platforms.

  • Native Tools

    Learn about the available native application development tools. Native applications are developed using the C programming language. You can create an application project, edit the code to meet your needs, and run the application on the emulator or a target device.

  • Web Tools

    Learn about the available Web application development tools. Web applications are developed using the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS programming languages. You can create an application project, edit the code to meet your needs, and run the application on the emulator, simulator, or a target device.

  • Platform Tools

    Learn about the platform development environment that helps you develop preloaded platform applications, platform libraries, and device drivers in Ubuntu.

  • RT IDE

    Learn about the Tizen Studio for RT and how you can develop lightweight RTOS-based applications.

  • Extension SDK

    Learn about the InMobi Tizen Ad SDK and the advertisement functionalities provided by it.

The Tizen Studio contains many tools familiar from the old Tizen SDK, just with some improvements. The following list describes the main changes:

  • Installer and Package Manager

    These tools allow you to install, update, and maintain Tizen. You can select and install the platform and profile you need, providing continuous updates. The tools provide you accurate information so you can configure the necessary development environment without confusion.

    Figure: Package Manager

    Package Manager

  • Tizen Studio development environment

    This component for the actual development of Tizen applications has the unified Tizen theme, provides a fast development environment, and improves the ease of use by sorting the menu in the correct order for application development tasks, as well as expanding the toolbar icons.

    In addition, the Tizen Studio provides accurate information in a consistent manner to minimize the difficulties you can encounter when using it.

    Figure: Tizen Studio development environment

    Tizen Studio development environment

  • Native UI Builder

    This tool provides assistance in developing native Tizen applications. It allows easy development of UI applications with a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor, and it helps you understand Tizen native UI development and the UI hierarchy. The application UI screen can be configured easily with this editor.

    Figure: Native UI Builder

    Native UI Builder

  • Emulator

    This tool helps you develop and debug Tizen applications without an actual Tizen device. You can select the platform, profile, and device that you need and run applications with the emulator. In addition, through the Emulator Control Panel (ECP), you can directly input events in the application and see how the application operates.

    Figure: Emulator Manager and ECP

    Emulator Manager and ECP

    Emulator Manager and ECP

  • Profiling tool

    By using the Dynamic Analyzer, the Tizen Studio provides profiling assistance for application optimization. The status of the device, such as its processor usage, memory usage, and UI events, can be measured and viewed for optimizing the Tizen application.

    Figure: Dynamic Analyzer

    Dynamic Analyzer