Writing and Editing Code

MobileWearableTV Web


  • Tizen Studio 1.0 and Higher

Tizen Studio provides the following set of tools to help you write and edit code in your Web application projects:

  • Web Editor (Writing Your Code)

    The Web Editor tool makes it easy to write or edit HTML, JS, and CSS files. The editor allows you to create and modify source code while supporting basic features, such as syntax highlighting, content assist, and privilege checking.

  • Live Editing (Live Editing of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

    The Live Editing tool allows you to apply source changes to the running application immediately (without building, packaging, and relaunching). You can monitor how the changes you have made in a file are rendered in the target window without refreshing the page manually.

  • Content Assist (Speeding Up Typing with Content Assist)

    The Content Assist tool is a function provided in parts of Tizen Studio to help you write code faster and more efficiently. It allows you to quickly type names in the context of the code.

  • Code Cleaning (Cleaning Up Your Code)

    The Code Cleaning tools include the Code Beautifier and Code Minifier features, which you can use with the Tizen Web Editor. The Code Beautifier can help you understand code and make it easier to read, while the Code Minifier removes or modifies some unnecessary characters from the code.

  • REST Viewer (Using the REST Viewer)

    The REST Viewer tool allows you to view and edit WADL documents, and use RESTful Web services. The REST Viewer provides facilities to emulate interaction with a Web service by composing and running requests as if it was the application that actually calls the service.

  • Previewer (Previewing Pages in a Browser)

    The Previewer tools allows you to preview the source code you have developed. In addition, you can visually define the type and hierarchy of the selector to help development.

  • Privilege Checker (Verifying Privilege Usage)

    The Privilege Checker tool allows you identify potential privilege violation problems in the application code. This check is performed automatically, and you can easily verify the source code in your project.

  • Tizen Studio Web Preferences (Setting Tizen Studio Web Preferences)

    The Tizen Studio Preferences tool allows you to set the Web preferences, which are a set of options, such as resources, file colors, version control options, and code styles. The preferences allow you to configure the workspace to optimize your working environment.