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Creating an isometric world with Phaser.js, using the isometric plugin


Have you ever wondered how to create an isometric world for your game? Is it difficult? What needs to be done in order to have a world like, for example, in the popular Zelda game series? The answer is easy. You can always write your own isometric game engine. But is it really necessary in times when the web is just bursting with web frameworks for HTML5 games?

Performance Guide for Tizen Web Applications

This document provides suggestions and guidelines for improving the performance of Web applications on Tizen.

1 Optimizing Resource Loading Performance

Most of the loading time for a Web application consists of downloading resources, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and image files. Therefore, optimizing resource loading performance is the key to improving the loading speed of a Web application.

Tizen Developer Spotlight: How Two Hackers Are Building The Future of Mobile Linux   

 The Tizen App Challenge’s $4+ million is by far the big kahuna right now, but plenty of smaller prize opportunities are available to mobile developers. Designed to jumpstart the Tizen ecosystem, a number of hack-a-thons with jackpots are cropping up across the country. Dedicated Tizen developers Jakob Perry and Emilie Nouveau recently won a runner-up reward for their hybrid in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) app called Boomzbox. Jakob’s daytime hours are spent at Acquia as a senior software engineer, while Emilie works at MongoDB as a web developer.