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How to use Tizen Studio on Ubuntu 18.04

Install libpng12-0 on Ubuntu-18.04

To install tizen packages from package manager, "libpng12-0" is installed. This runtime library is not installed on 18.04.

For 64 bit system, run the following command:

$ wget
$ sudo dpkg -i libpng12-0_1.2.54-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb 

Xenial (16.04) contains the libpng12-0, but Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't contains it. You can download and install it with the above commands.

Sample Tizen .NET Application Using Visual Studio Code Extension for Tizen


‘Visual Studio Code Extension for Tizen’ enables to develop Tizen .NET application using VS Code. This documentation discusses step by step guide to prepare development environment for Tizen .NET application using VS code and deploy a sample application.

Install Visual Studio Code

Install Visual Studio Code on your system. System requirements:

Windows version: 7/10 (64 bit) Windows Installation Guide Link

Communication between two web apps using app control in Tizen


Application control is a way of sharing an application’s functionality. Using App control, an application can use functionalities of other applications and share it's own with others.

In this document, two simple web apps are developed to show the procedure of sharing application functionalities using Application Operation.

Test Settings:


Tizen Web App


Form Validation using Tizen Web


Form validation normally used to occur at server end after client had entered all necessary data and then pressed Submit button. If the data entered by a client was incorrect or was simply missing, the server would have to send all the data back to client and request that form to be resubmitted with correct information. This was really a lengthy process which used to put a lot of burden on server.

JavaScript provides a way to validate form's data on the client's computer before sending it to the web server.

Vibration API in Tizen Web app


To provide tactile feedback to user or to interact with user even when the device volume is low, vibration can provide a better user experience and improve the perception of application. When it comes to Tizen app development, external third party library is not required to implement vibration as this is included in Tizen API.

In this document, a simple web app is developed to show the use of vibration in different patterns and types in Tizen Web app.

Test Settings:

Topic extraction from Message Text using external scripts/library


Topic modeling means detecting “abstract” topics from a collection of texts. There are various techniques like: statistical technique, LDA, Hierarchical Dirichlet process etc. Amongst all of the techniques, Latent Dirichlet Allocation(LDA) has got more success based on accuracy and usability.

This statistics based text processing algorithm takes text as input and produces a list of topics based on inner implementation of LDA variant. Number of topics to be detected should be pre-defined before applying LDA method.

Tizen Web: Broadcasting and Listening for Custom Events


Tizen Web applications have the ability to broadcast a custom event to all applications (the ones listening for that particular event). Thus, a developer is facilitated with triggering custom events depending upon need.

For security purpose, Tizen web application also offers broadcasting trusted events to only trusted listeners having the same certificate as sender application. Applications not having the same certificate won’t be able to listen to broadcasted event if trusted protocol is used.

Using Web SQL Database in Tizen Web App


Web SQL Database is a web page API for storing data in databases that can be queried using a variant of SQL. This API isn't actually part of the HTML5 specification but it is a separate specification which can manipulate client-side databases using SQL.

In this document, a simple web app is developed to show the basic functionality of Web SQL in Tizen Web app.  Storing and getting data from database are shown in this app.

Test Settings: