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Tizen APIs

This page presents a brief summary of Tizen Native API. You can find a list of namespaces and modules available in Mobile and Wearable profile.

Animations in Tizen Native Application


The article will demonstrate how to make animations in the Tizen Native Applications. The aim of the article is to present the possibilities offered by the EFL library which is responsible for building the GUI of Tizen native applications. We would like to present the subject in a concise way and using lots of sample code. The knowledge gained after reading this article can be used both for game development as well, as to implement interesting effects in the user interface.

Obtaining device orientation and acceleration using built-in sensors


The article will demonstrate how to use built-in sensors such as the gyroscope or accelerometer in Tizen Native applications. The topic presented here is based on the code of a sample game which was simplified in order to focus on a particular part of the Tizen Native API.

The article was created for developers who have basic knowledge of the C programming language. Developers reading this article should have basic knowledge about the Tizen native application life cycle as well.