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Using TypeScript in Tizen projects.



The Web is developing very quickly and new standards are being all the time adopted into the browsers. As through the past years we have seen lots of changes in the web browsers and web engines, the same happened to the language that propels them. JavaScript is changing also. A new standard has shown up – ECMASCRIPT 6. But not all browsers support it completely. Therefore few years ago we have been introduced with a language called TypeScript. Which is a typed superset of the JavaScript language and is supported by all browser engines.

Performance Guide for Tizen Web Applications

This document provides suggestions and guidelines for improving the performance of Web applications on Tizen.

1 Optimizing Resource Loading Performance

Most of the loading time for a Web application consists of downloading resources, such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and image files. Therefore, optimizing resource loading performance is the key to improving the loading speed of a Web application.

Asynchronous JavaScript Loader


Asynchronous JavaScript loading provides a mechanism to load JavaScript files asynchronously. It helps in improving the performance of the web applications / browser. In addition to this, it also provides a way to encapsulate JavaScript files in many different files, similar to Java where keywords like import, package and class are used for this purpose. Using the traditional synchronous method of loading the files may affect the performance and usability of the applications that have more dependencies (load multiple JavaScript files at runtime).