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Matter.js - a 2D physics library in Tizen



For many years we had only one choice if we needed a 2D physics library for our projects. This choice was called Box2D. It was versatile, quite easy to use, with many options and had many users, so getting support information was convenient. You could see this library being ported to JavaScript, Flash or even a C version used in Java and many more.

IvanK library introduction

This article describes an IvanK JavaScript library and how to work with it on Tizen.


IvanK Lib is an open source JavaScript graphics library. It is small, simple and very light. It renders graphics using WebGL and runs in browsers with WebGL support (also on mobile devices).

To use the IvanK Lib in your Tizen Web application: 


WebGL Tutorial


WebGL (Web Graphics Library), based on OpenGL ES 2.0 provides JavaScript API for rendering 3D graphics. It is supported by majority of the desktop and mobile browsers. Internet Explorer announced its support with IE 11 with Windows 8.1. WebGL is fully supported by Tizen platform. This technology enables the developers to create applications that can run on multiple platforms.

Canvas2D mobile web game development – implementation


Before reading this article we recommend you to get familiar with the “Canvas2D mobile web game development – basics” where we introduced Canvas 2D API along with concepts of the game loop and the adaptive game loop. We also shortly described a basic web game architecture. A class diagram for sample application - Earth Guard - was presented. That’s why we recommend you to start with the previous article.

Canvas2D mobile web game development – basics


The main aim of this article is to get you familiar with the mobile web game development on Tizen platform. I want to show you that basic knowledge of Canvas 2D API and good game architecture is sufficient to create a fully working version of HTML5 game on Tizen. Sample application – Earth Guard 0.0.1 attached to this article is compatible with Tizen SDK 2.0.0 public release.