Windown 10, Tizen Studio 2.1 can't permit to install due to certificate failure.

I have already follow the offical guide to create a certificate by Certifacate Manager.


But when I click "permit to install" in Device Manager, the IDE shows it can't find any certificates and told me to create a new one.


I searched the google, and some resolution told me to delete the certificates and create again, but doesn't work.



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André Reus

hi, Please make sure that the certificate is selected.. A 'tick' sign will be appreared if it is selected like the image below.... And make sure that you have selelcted 'Samsung Account' during creating certificate instead of selecting 'Tizen' 

Hex Chang
Thank you very much for your reply. First, I am sure about make one Certificate Profile active. Second, during creating certificate, I didn't see any choices for me to select Sumsung or Tizen.
Hex Chang I toke a video about this, you can see that I don't need to choose Sumsung or Tizen.
Iqbal Hossain

Also check on Extention SDK section tab.. You should install these also 

Iqbal Hossain

But don't install IOT-Headed-4.0 and IOT-Headless-4.0 unless you need these.


Hex Chang

Which version of your IDE? Mine is 2.1.


And it's empty in the Extension SDK tab.

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Iqbal Hossain

Then check Package Manager > Configuration and check if the extentions are activated or not

If not, then activate these and from Extention SDK tab install these. 

Hex Chang

Thank you very much.