Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0 Release Notes

New APIs

A. Web framework

  • Web UI Framework (TAU)
    • List style: listitem having action icon style is supported.
    • Popup: data-position-to option is supported.

API Changes

A. Web framework

  • In the Motion API:
    • Altitude, error range attributes have been added to GPS type.
  • The WIFI MAC address attribute in SystemInfoWifiNetwork interface have been added in SystemInfo API.

B. Fixed Bugs

  • Web UI Framework (TAU)
    • Section changer: Fix the active section class name.

IDE and Tools

A. New Features

  • Rich Notification
      Note:Rich Notification works only on 360x480 resolution.
    • Wearable Emulator (360x480 resolution only) supports rich notifications developed with Samsung Rich Notification SDK. Applications on Host (Android) device connected via USB can send notifications to Wearable emulator. For more information on Rich Notifications, see programming guide at http://developer.samsung.com/samsung-mobile#rich-notification.
    • Limitation:
      • Remote built-in actions such as call and SMS work only in target devices that support the corresponding features.
  • Web IDE
    • The console log is not available with 'Run As' mode by default. So if you want to see console log via the console log view , you should launch the application with 'Debug As' mode.

B. Fixed Bugs

  • Web IDE
    • The error popup message as ‘Fail to start sdb’ on Ubuntu 13.04 and later version has been fixed.

C. Known Issues

  • Emulator
    • The Emulator skin may not be drawn properly on Ubuntu, if a graphics driver is not installed or an older version is installed. To fix the issue, update the graphics driver.
    • When the disk storage is full, various incorrect operations can occur.