Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK Release Notes

  • Release Date: February 13, 2015

IDE and Tools

New Features

  • Native UI Builder

    • The Native UI Builder is a WYSIWYG Editing tool for Tizen Native App developer. It can help the developer to develop Tizen UI Application easily.
    • The Native UI Builder has the following features:
      • Project Template

        • 2 Native UI Builder Application Templates are added.
      • WYSIWYG Editor
        • 2 Native UI Builder Application Templates are added.
        • Widget Palette.
        • Drag-and-drop widget placement, moving, deleting, and visual layout editing.
        • ­Copy/cut/paste, and undo/redo, align, match size.
        • ­Guidelines
        • ­Preview mode
      • Properties View
        • Attributes editing through effective graphical UX.
        • Creating a visual UI event binding with you event handler code and moving to the event handler code.
      • Navigation View
        • Showing the view thumbnail.
        • You can switch editing view by clicking the view thumbnail.
      • Outline View
        • Hierarchical structure of the view.
      • Resources View
        • Resource management – import/copy/paste/delete resources.
        • You can edit the resource property of the widgets using drag and drop.
  • Emulator, Web simulator, Native UI Builder, Web UI Builder
    • The qHD(540X960) resolution is additionally supported.

Changed Features

  • Native IDE

    • Building and packaging

      • Multi-project packaging. You can develop a UI project and service or shared library projects as a package.