Role Playing & Strategy

Grand Prize

Sage Fusion 2 - Kidalang

Sage Fusion 2 is a hybrid between a Role-Playing Game (RPG), adventure, and visual novel. Set in a futuristic universe in which artificial intelligence is considered religious taboo, this story-driven game tells the adventure of a businessman and his bodyguard who descent to an underground world, trying to get back their reportedly stolen spaceship after it fell and crashed in the middle of the city - an accident behind which lies a conspiracy that involves the galactic government, the military, the church, and centuries-old historical legend.

Runner Up

Buns Invasion - Heroes of Epic Saga! HD - Ievgenii Mykhalevskyi

Buns Invasion is a unique game in the style of tower defense which sets new large-scale standards in this genre. There are very many enemies - up to 5000 units per battle, and 1000 units per attack, and they all rush to the gate of the castle. The availability of advanced artificial intelligence of the units makes the game more exciting and dynamic, and provides an opportunity to develop a large number of defense tactics.

Tiny Miner - cator GmbH

Get ready to explore an awesome world of mining! Explore mine craft as you search for the fame and fortune! Tiny Miner provides the classic freeplay exploration mode. WARNING:Insanely Addictive!

Honorable Mention

Meanwhile, In A Parallel Universe - Zombies Indie House

Meanwhile, In A Parallel Universe puts you in control of zombie hordes in an alternate universe, where a peaceful zombie-inhabited planet has been infected by an antivirus, which converts zombies back to humans. Build, create and manage your own undead army to fight off the relentless human invasion in this castle defence game! The fate of zombiekind rests on your hands!

Bug Bites & Defense - Maxhp

To protect the wooden house in the forest from the attacks of bugs you will build a solid defense.
There are many beetles attacking the house, they have many types and levels, and the ability to attack with various speeds. Bug Bites & Defense is a defense strategy game perfect to help you use defensive tactics and enhance creativity.

RPG Symphony of the Origin - KEMCO

A fantasy RPG with humans, elves, dwarves, and golems. Save the earth from creatures that have appeared from the very bowels of the earth. Smoothly animated dynamic battles, dramatic voice effects, and customizable weapons and statuses to become deeply immersed in your adventure!