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Showing System Info in Wearable widget (Tizen Web)


A Widget is a special type of Tizen Application. Widget provides summary information from the parent application or specific system information. It also allows users to take some actions without opening the parent application to increase the usability. It occupies the entire screen to make the most out of the screen.

So far, for web development, widgets are only available in wearable. They are loaded on the widget board (tap right) of the home screen layer.

Using Google Maps API for Distance measuring in Tizen Web


Google Maps API allows you to display maps on App. These APIs are available for Android, iOS, JavaScript and via HTTP web services. In this tip document, method for calculating distance using Google map between two cities using JavaScript is shown. A Tizen web app is developed to show a step by step approach for implementing.

Test Settings:


Tizen Web App


Tizen SDK 2.4