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Creating 3D Worlds with Babylon.js


In our voyage through JavaScript 3D engines, this time we want to show you a great 3D WebGL rendering engine – Babylon.js for building 3D applications and games for the web. Babylon is exceptional with its ease of use, fast prototyping and a polite learning curve. With a good documentation and many examples. Babylon.js seems to be the perfect 3D engine to learn for beginners in the 3D web field.

Stopwatch using Tizen Time API

Stopwatch is a time based utility that can be used to measure the amount of time elapsed from a particular time until a time of interest reached or an event occurs.

Using the application

There are three buttons. Initially all buttons are enabled.

1.     Start: - Initially the stopwatch is in zero position, “00:00:00:000”. On pressing the “Start” button, the stopwatch starts counting the time elapsed from the point of start.

After clicking on the “Start” button, “Reset” and “Start” buttons are disabled and “Stop” button is enabled.