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Using EasyStar.js to implement pathfinding in Tizen game projects


Many times while developing games you probably wondered about the fastest way to implement pathfinding algorithms for the enemy AI system. You probably invented some of your own ways to seek out the fastest path or have implemented existing mathematical algorithms. This process was probably time consuming and you had to get through many obstacles in order to get the job done.

Creating an isometric world with Phaser.js, using the isometric plugin


Have you ever wondered how to create an isometric world for your game? Is it difficult? What needs to be done in order to have a world like, for example, in the popular Zelda game series? The answer is easy. You can always write your own isometric game engine. But is it really necessary in times when the web is just bursting with web frameworks for HTML5 games?

Creating 3D Worlds with Babylon.js


In our voyage through JavaScript 3D engines, this time we want to show you a great 3D WebGL rendering engine – Babylon.js for building 3D applications and games for the web. Babylon is exceptional with its ease of use, fast prototyping and a polite learning curve. With a good documentation and many examples. Babylon.js seems to be the perfect 3D engine to learn for beginners in the 3D web field.