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Creating a flashlight application

After creating a “hello world” app, a beginning programmer usually starts creating more and more complex applications. A flashlight app is usually one of the first projects beginners start. In this article we will demonstrate how to create such an app.

Where to start?

The first thing is to meet the necessary conditions, for the app to work. We will be making an app that has a button which, when clicked, toggles the LED light on or off. Furthermore, once the LED has been turned on, a notification will be displayed.


In the Tizen platform, there are various methods available to notify users of new events on the device. Notification panel and ticker notifications are provided as generic notification methods and you can also use pop-up and badge notifications.

The notification UI supports multimodal feedback, which is a combination of events from visual, auditory, and tactile interfaces.

You can use the following types of notifications: