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Creating a complete Currency Calculator application in AngularJS for Tizen – part 2


In part 1 of our Currency Calculator article series we have showed you what kind of application we will be creating using the angular.js framework. We have introduced the libraries needed to complete the Currency Calculator (fig. 1). We showed you from which API we will obtain the data. We have also showed the basic HTML structure and the CSS of our application.

Chmod calculator

chmod is a UNIX®/Linux® command that lets the owner/administrator of a file to specify how much/little access should be permitted to it. File permissions in UNIX®/Linux® file system are managed in three distinct user classes: user/owner, group and others. Each class can have read, write and execute permissions. File permission can be represented in a symbolic or numeric (octal) format.

Mapping of file permissions to symbol and numeric format is summarized in the table below: