TIZEN.NET Announcement

TIZEN joins the .NET Family enabling C# developers to build apps for millions of Samsung devices.

Samsung has been working on .NET support for the open source TIZEN operating system, used in 50 million devices around the world. Today, Samsung is releasing a preview of TIZEN’s .NET support which enables C# developers to build apps for TVs, wearables, mobile, and many other IoT devices. TIZEN’s .NET support includes Xamarin.Forms as a main UI framework which empowers Xamarin developers to build TIZEN apps with their core skill sets. Samsung is also releasing a preview of TIZEN SDK for Visual Studio which provides device emulators and a plug-in to Visual Studio with full IntelliSense and debugging support. TIZEN’s .NET Support and SDK will be officially released and shipping on devices in 2017. Developers will be able to use familiar tools such as Visual Studio to develop TIZEN apps while using TIZEN's app store for distribution.

Samsung is excited to be part of the .NET ecosystem. Samsung joined the .NET Foundation Technical Steering Group in June and has been contributing in the area of ARM support to .NET Core. Samsung is also contributing to Xamarin.Forms enabling it on a variety of TIZEN devices as the common UI and controls. Samsung is also happy to release the first preview of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.

For more information, visit here: https://developer.tizen.org/development/preview