Tizen 2.4 Rev1 Release Notes

  • Release Date: December 1, 2015

IDE and Tools

New Features

  • Common

    • Tizen 2.4 Rev1 SDK supports developing an application on multi-platform environments. In the 2.4 Rev1 SDK, you can also develop 2.3.1 based applications.
    • From Tizen 2.4 Rev1, the SDK image installation is not officially supported. Use the Tizen package server for installation.
    • From Tizen 2.4 Rev1, the Update Manager supports the package server mirroring. Without uninstalling the Tizen SDK, you can enhance the installation speed of the new SDK version by changing the target repository address to an alternative repository that exists in your country or region.
  • CLI
    • Support has been added for the package/install/run/uninstall features for the 2.3.0 projects.
  • Native UIB and Enventor
    • Supports the following host operating systems :

      • Tizen 2.3.1 (Mobile/Wearable): Ubuntu™ 12.04/14.04 32-bit/64-bit.
      • Tizen 2.4 (Mobile): Ubuntu™ 12.04/14.04 32-bit/64-bit, Windows ®7/8 32-bit/64bit.

Changed Features

  • Common

    • The Project wizard has been enhanced to be opened and closed faster than in the 2.4 official version.
    • To improve the security of a connected Tizen device, the execute permission has been changed from the root/administrator to the developer in some features that control the device, such as the dynamic analyzer and SDBD.
    • The IDE has been changed to hold the settings (filter, log level, category) of the Log view after the device is disconnected.
    • The default value for the log level property of the Log view has been changed from Verbose to Error.
  • Installer and Update Manager
    • A combo box has been added to the Update Manager to easily change the URL of the target repository.
  • Web IDE
    • The Localize wizard has been replaced with the Localization view.

      • You can localize your resource files and strings.
      • You can export or import a localized string as a CSV (comma-separated value) file.
  • Native IDE
    • The content/code assist feature has been added for the i18n_get_text() function. After you complete the i18n_get_text() function on the C/C++ source file editor by pressing Ctrl + Space, you can see a candidate parameter list which consists of original untranslated strings you added to the PO file.
    • When you develop a multi-project packaged application (such as a combination of UI and service projects, or UI and shared library projects), the res.xml files of the projects are automatically merged. If a project has no res.xml file, a res.xml is automatically generated for that project and merged with the other res.xml files.
    • The “Export to CLI” menu has been added, and appears when multiple projects are selected.
    • The Resource Explorer view has been added. It appears only for Tizen 2.4 based projects, not Tizen 2.3.1.
    • Multi-project packaging policy has been updated.
      • A Web UI project can be packaged with several native-widget type projects.
      • A native IME project can be packaged with several UI application type projects.

Fixed Bugs

  • Common

    • The Apple JDK dependency issue, which appeared when starting the Tizen IDE and dynamic analyzer, has been fixed.
  • Native IDE
    • ​The bug, which caused unnecessary files (such as .EDC file) to be included when native modules were packaged into the .tpk file, has been fixed.
  • CLI
    • The bug, which caused the native CLI to return success codes even though a build failed, has been fixed.

​​Known Issues

  • Installer and Update Manager

    • If there is a multibyte character in the installation path of the Tizen SDK, some development packages cannot find the installed SDK’s location when they are working.
    • When you install packages by using the All Packages tab in the Update Manager, the number of the progress indicator is only changed each time a package in dependency is downloaded. While downloading, the number of the progress indicator is not changed.
    • When you run the dynamic analyzer on Mac OS, the SDK Update Notification does not appear though there are available SDK updates.
    • If the SDK Update Notification appears when you start the Tizen IDE or Emulator on Mac OS, a terminal (shell.exec) icon can appear on the dock for a few seconds.
  • Native IDE
    • When you import some projects generated from Tizen 2.3 Rev2, the import can take some time.
    • The Restore Defaults feature in the Native project’s properties > C/C++ Build, does not work properly.
  • Emulator
    • Ubuntu™ sometimes stops responding for a few seconds after closing the Emulator Manager. This issue is related to a bug of Intelligent Input Bus (IBus). When the issue occurs, restart the ibus-daemon by typing ibus-daemon –drx at the command prompt, and use another framework, such as uim and fcitx, for multilingual input.
    • To use the Tizen Emulator, install an Intel VTx supported by the CPU, and the latest version of the graphic card driver provided by the vendor.
      • Check the prerequisites for the Tizen Emulator from:
      • If the host machine is using the Nvidia Optimus™ technology on either Ubuntu™ or Windows®, you must set the Tizen Emulator to run with your Nvidia® graphics card. If you use Ubuntu™, check the bumblebee project (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee). If you use Windows®, select "High Speed NVIDIA Processor" as "Preferred Graphics processor" in the Nvidia® control panel.
      • On Ubuntu™, if the graphics driver is outdated, your Ubuntu™ desktop session can be occasionally logged out when launching the Emulator Manager, or the Emulator skin can be drawn improperly. Check the prerequisites and upgrade to the latest graphics driver.
    • On Ubuntu™ 14.04, the shortcut menu can sometimes appear transparently.
    • On Windows®, depending on your OS theme (such as Non-Aero themes and Windows XP themes), a display surface can be erased for a while if the Emulator window is covered by another window. If you click the Emulator window, the display surface runs correctly again
    • On Windows®, if a memory allocation error occurs while executing the Emulator, try the following:
      • Close some other programs and try to launch the Emulator again.
      • If the RAM size is set as 768 or 1024 MB for the VM in the Emulator Manager, change the RAM size to 512 MB.
      • Increase the user area of the virtual memory in the system to 3 GB by typing bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3072 on the console with administrator rights (Windows® 7 only) and reboot.
    • If you use a MacBook Pro which has both Intel HD and NVidia GPUs, the Emulator may be unexpectedly terminated when you execute with the OpenGL ES ver. v1.1 & v2.0 option. Use the OpenGL ES ver. v2.0 & v3.0 option.
  • ​SDB
    • ​To use the SDB bash completion feature, type the source .sdb-complete.bash command on the bash shell. The feature runs manually from the Tizen 2.4 official version due to the Installer and Update Manager issue.
  • Native UIB
    • The Native UIB does not support the storyboard for the Tizen 2.3.1 platforms.