Tizen 2.4 Release Notes

  • Release Date: October 22, 2015

IDE and Tools

New Features

  • Web IDE and Tools

    • Rest Viewer has been added.
    • Multi Package preference panel has been added to Project Properties > Tizen SDK > Package. You must refer projects to other projects in this panel, not in the Project Reference panel. The hybrid project referencing feature is removed from the Project Reference panel.
  • Native IDE
    • New project template types (IME, widget, and watch) have been added.
    • Project migration wizard, which imports 2.3 based projects for making 2.4 based projects, has been added.
    • Resource Manager View, which places application resources to support specific device configurations, such as different screen densities and locales, has been added.
    • Select Emulator Wizard, which calls a previously run emulator automatically while ‘Run As’ is called and Emulator Manager is not running, has been added.
    • Ninja build system for enhancing the application build time has been added.
    • LLVM-3.6 and GCC-4.9 toolchains have been added.
    • New function generating author signatures to support App slicing has been added.
    • New function exporting an IDE project to a CLI project has been added.
  • Native UI Builder
    • Supports the following host operating systems:

      • Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit and Windows 8 32-bit/64-bit.
      • Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit/64-bit and Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit/64-bit.
    • Supports the making of a custom UI component by combining ready-made UI components.
    • Provides a storyboard, which represents a transition from one view to the next.
  • Eventor
    • Supports the following host operating systems:

      • Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit and Windows 8 32-bit/64-bit.
      • Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit/64-bit and Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit/64-bit.
  • Emulator
    • SMP with CPU VT acceleration is enabled for enhancing performance.
    • OpenGL ES 3.0 is supported.
    • Virtual camera is supported. Applications which use a camera can be developed without a Webcam.
    • Multi-touch simulation has been added. Multi-touch drag and pinch-zoom gestures are also supported.
    • H.264 video compression format is supported.
    • Bridged networking feature is enabled. It can connect the emulator to the PC’s Ethernet adapter directly.
    • Proxy setting is enabled in the Emulator Manager. It allows the emulator to get a proxy network separated from the PC network.
    • Sharing host PC’s directories with the emulator is supported. The shared directory can be added or removed in the ECP (Emulator Control Panel) while the emulator is running.
    • Low-memory event in the ECP has been added.
    • Shortcut keys for Windows and Ubuntu have been added. Ctrl + Shift + S or Ctrl + F6 can be used to open the sdb shell when the emulator is focused.
  • Dynamic Analyzer
    • Checkpoint analysis has been added. It displays the checked variable value of the application in real time.
    • App startup analysis has been added. It displays information both before and after the application starts.
    • UI gesture event chart has been added. It displays the UI application’s gesture events.
  • T-trace
    • Profiling tool has been added to optimize the application performance by measuring and visualizing instrumented function calls in the Tizen platform.
  • Stale Object Checker
    • Dynamic analysis tool has been added to examine whether JavaScript objects of a Web application can cause possible memory leaks.
  • CLI
    • Certificate management named 'Security Profiles' has been added, to enable developer certificates to sign Tizen applications.

Changed Features

  • Web IDE and tools

    • Various sample projects can be downloaded in the Online Sample of the New Project Wizard.
    • Localization Wizard has been changed to Localization View. If you click Localization in the project shortcut menu, the Localization View appears.
  • Native IDE
    • PO editor’s UX has been improved.
  • Native UI Builder
    • Some “widget” terms have been changed to “UI component”.
    • WYSIWYG UX has been improved.
      • Z-order index (back, backward, front, frontward) of the UI components arranged on the canvas can be changed.
      • UI components can overlap each other.
      • UI components can be handled outside the canvas.
      • UX of selecting a container UI component (box) has been improved.
      • UX of Direct Text Editing has been added.
    • View template category has been removed.
    • Method for selecting a view in the Navigation view has been changed from a single-click to double-click.
  • Tizen Expansion Package (TEP) feature will be supported in the later version.

Fixed Bugs

  • Web IDE and tools

    • The bug, where a wrong hyperlink appears when the log message at the JavaScript console contains a number, has been fixed.
  • Emulator
    • The bug, which appears while installing the Tizen HAX driver on a computer where Android HAX driver is already installed, has been fixed. The Tizen HAX driver overwrites the Android HAX driver.
    • The bug, where the emulator is terminated abnormally due to the misconfiguration of SOCKS (SOCKet Secure) proxy on Mac OS® X, has been fixed.

​​Known Issues

  • Install Manager and Update Manager

    • If there is a multibyte character in the installation path of the Tizen SDK, some development packages cannot find the installed SDK’s location when they are working.
    • When you install packages by using the All Packages tab in the Update Manager, the number of the progress indicator is changed only each time a package in dependency is downloaded. While downloading, the number of the progress indicator is not changed.
  • Native IDE
    • Generating the res.xml file in Multi-Packaged projects is not available.
    • When you import some projects generated from the Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK, the importing can take some time.
  • Emulator
    • To use the Tizen Emulator, you must install an Intel VTx supported by the CPU, and the latest version of the graphic card driver which the vendor provides. Check the prerequisites for the Tizen Emulator from:

      • https://developer.tizen.org/downloads/sdk/installing-sdk/prerequisites-tizen-sdk.
      • If the host machine is using Nvidia Optimus™ technology on either Ubuntu™ or Windows®, set the Tizen Emulator to run with your Nvidia® graphics card. In case of Ubuntu™, check the bumblebee project (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee). In case of Windows®, select "High Speed NVIDIA Processor" as "Preferred Graphics processor" in the Nvidia® control panel.
      • On Ubuntu™, if the graphics driver is out-of-date, your Ubuntu® desktop session can be occasionally logged out when launching the Emulator Manager. Or the Emulator skin can be drawn improperly. Check the prerequisites and upgrade the latest graphics driver.
    • On Ubuntu™ 14.04, the shortcut menu can sometimes appear transparently.
    • On Windows®, depending on your OS theme (such as Non-Aero themes and Windows XP themes), a display surface can be erased for a while if the Emulator window is covered with another window. If you click the Emulator window, the display surface runs correctly again.
    • On Windows®, if ‘failed to allocate memory’ error occurs while executing the Emulator, try the following:
      • Close some other programs and try to launch the Emulator again.
      • If the RAM size is set as 768 or 1024 MB for the VM in the Emulator Manager, change the RAM size to 512 MB.
      • Increase the user area of the virtual memory in the system to 3 GB by typing the bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3072 command on the console with administrator rights (Windows® 7 only) and reboot.
    • If you use a MacBook Pro which has both Intel HD and NVidia GPUs, when you execute the Emulator with the OpenGL ES ver. v1.1 & v2.0 option, the Emulator can be unexpectedly terminated. Use the OpenGL ES ver. v2.0 & v3.0 option.
  • SDB
    • To use the SDB bash completion feature, you must type the source .sdb-complete.bash command on the bash shell. The feature runs manually from the Tizen 2.4 due to the Installer and Update Manager issue.


New Features

  • Tizen 2015 UX support has been added (new winset and style).
  • Vector winset support has been added.
  • Unicode 6.1 Colored Emoticons have been added.
  • Gamepad support has been added.
  • Cancel Event support has been added.
  • ATK has been integrated.
  • Ecore Buffer has been added.
    • New API abstracts the graphic buffer and allows you to share it between processes.

Change Notes

  • Open source upgrade

    • EFL version has been upgraded from 1.7 to 1.13.
  • API changes
    • Eina_Bool edje_text_class_get (const char *text_class, char **font, Evas_Font_Size *size) has been changed to Eina_Bool edje_text_class_get (const char *text_class, const char **font, Evas_Font_Size *size).
    • void elm_win_wm_rotation_preferred_rotation_set (Evas_Object *obj, const int rotation) has been changed to void elm_win_wm_rotation_preferred_rotation_set (const Evas_Object *obj, int rotation).

Network Connectivity

New Features

  • NFC

    • New Host Card Emulation (HCE) API set for NFC has been added.
  • Smartcard
    • New API set for smartcards (Smartcard API) have been added.
  • Bluetooth
    • New API set for AVRCP have been added.
    • SDK extension API set have been moved into bluetooth_extension.h.
  • Connection Manager
    • New API to get MAC address has been added.
    • New API set for Ethernet cable state have been added.
  • Wi-Fi
    • New API set for a specific scan have been added.
    • New API set for Wi-Fi configuration have been added.
  • Wi-Fi direct
    • New API set for a Wi-Fi display have been added.
  • Telephony
    • New API set for a call status have been added.
    • New API set for a modem power status have been added.
    • New API set for SIM application lists have been added.
    • New API set for a network have been added.

Change Notes

  • Open source upgrade

    • ConnMan has been upgraded from 1.3.313 to 1.29.15.
    • Bluez has been upgraded from 5.27 to 5.28.
    • libsoup has been upgraded from 2.38.1 to 2.46.0, gnutls from 2.12.20 to 3.3.5, and glib-networking from 2.32.3 to 2.38.0.
  • Notice of deprecated API set
    • Bluetooth

      • Legacy LE discovery API set have been deprecated.
      • Legacy GATT client API set have been deprecated.
    • Wi-Fi Direct
    • Telephony
      • Call status API has been deprecated.

Contact and Calendar Service

New Features

  • New API set for the phonenumber-utils module (phone number location, formatting, location data replace) have been added.
  • Lunar calendar has been added in the Event schedule.

Change Notes

  • PIMS-ipc abnormal disconnection recovery feature has been added.
  • _contacts_event.is_leap_month property has been deprecated.
  • On-demand launching has been applied.

Multimedia FW

New Features

  • Media Content

    • Empty folder management support has been added.
    • Mass-storage scanning has been added.
    • Export and Import Playlist File (.m3u) service has been added.
  • Media Controller
    • Media Controller Service has been added.
  • Mediavision
    • Mediavision component, supporting generation and detection of various barcodes (such as UPC-A, CODE128, and QR) has been added.
  • Camera
    • New API to get the FPS list in each resolution has been added.
    • T-trace support has been added.
  • Recorder
    • Maximum file size in the recording has been increased (larger than 4 GB).
  • Image util
    • NV12 for JPEG encoding/decoding support has been added.
    • Jpeg downscale decoding support has been added.
  • Player
    • New API set to play a demuxed AV elementary stream which is pushed from application have been added.
    • New API set to monitor the QoS of the elementary stream have been added.
    • New API set to give notifications about the changing of the video stream have been added.
    • New API set to select the audio and subtitle language have been added.
  • Audio I/O
    • New API set to flush the playback/capture stream have been added.
    • New API to drain the playback stream has been added.
  • Media codec
    • New API to query which codecs are supported has been added.
    • New API to flush buffers has been added.
    • New API to check the buffer status has been added.
  • Media tool
    • New API set to get some TBM surface info have been added.
    • New API to get codec data has been added.
    • New enum in media_format_mimetype_e has been added.
  • Radio
    • New API to get the min. and max. frequency has been added.
    • New API to get the channel spacing value has been added.
  • Metadata Editor
    • Media Content metadata editing service has been added.
  • Thumbnail Util
    • Support for extracting a thumbnail in various resolutions has been added.
  • Screen Mirroring
    • Sink device can play the mirrored stream.

Change Notes

  • Media Content

    • Exposure time, fnumber, iso, and model can be extracted from Exif.
    • media_info_increase_played_count() has replaced video_meta_set_played_count() and audio_meta_set_played_count().
    • media_info_set_played_time() has replaced video_meta_set_played_time() and audio_meta_set_played_time().
  • Camera
    • Flash control behavior has changed. (Flash control can fail if the flash is pre-empted by another API.)
    • Code for removing remaining messages when destroying a handle has been updated.
    • D-Bus has been replaced with GDbus.
    • Signal handler has been added to reset vconf keys updated by the camera and recorder.
    • MMVideoBuffer has been applied.
  • Notice
    • Media Content ignores the hidden file and the hidden folder.
    • ffmpeg (1.0) has been replaced with libav (11.3).
    • GStreamer0.10.36 ´has been replaced with GStreamer1.4.5.

Email and Message Service

New Features

  • SMS, CB, and PUSH incoming message events are published using the event-system.

Change Notes

  • vconf-keys have been moved from the spec file into 'vconf-internal-keys'.
  • Unused vconf-keys have been removed.

Context/Location/Account/Interaction FW

New Features

  • Context FW

    • New Contextual Trigger API set have been added for creating context-aware app-launching and notification rules, based on time, several device status and events, and communication events.
    • New Contextual History API set have been added for getting device usage statistics, including what are the most frequently, recently, and rarely used applications, and when the user most intensively uses the applications or listens to music.
  • Interaction FW
    • Voice control

      • New API set to control application features with voice recognition have been added.
      • New API set to control EFL-supported UI components with voice recognition have been added.
    • Text Input
      • New API set to develop downloadable Native IME have been added.
      • New API set to manage IMEs (providing list and selector menus) have been added.
  • Account FW
    • Account Manager

      • Account connect/disconnect API set have been deprecated to avoid applications using them inappropriately.
    • Sync Manager
      • New API set to schedule the operation of applications which need synchronization with a server have been added.
    • OAuth 2.0
      •  New API set for easy usage of the OAuth 2.0 protocol have been added.
  • Location FW
    • Location Manager

      • New API for distance-based location updates has been added.
      • New API to enable location with the http://tizen.org/privilege/location.enable privilege has been added.
      • New API for location update callback has been added.
    • Maps Service
      • New Maps Service API (Geocoder, Places, and Routes) has been added.
      • Support for the HereMaps plugin based on the HERE REST API has been added.
    • Geofence Manager (Mobile)
      • New Geofence Manager API has been added.

Known Issues

  • Geofence Manager

    • This feature is optional, and is only supported is certain device models.

Web UI Framework (TAU)

New Features

  • Tizen 2015 UX (new UI and style)

    • New floating actions, PanelChanger, PageIndicator, SectionChanger and Tabs have been added as UI components.
  • Gesture Event API set that help to detect the user gesturing input have been added.
  • Animation Utility that provides API set to easily animate DOM elements with great performance has been added.
  • Globalization Utility that provides API set to convert user-entered string, date, or numbers into a country-specific format has been added.

Change Notes

  • Changed API set

    • CheckboxRadio has been separated into Checkbox and Radio.
    • Collapsible has been renamed to Expandable.
    • FastScroll has been renamed to IndexScrollbar.
    • ProgressBar has been renamed to Progress.
    • SelectMenu has been renamed to DropdownMenu.
    • TokenTextArea has been renamed to TextEnveloper.
    • A plugin, "support-2.3", is provided for backward compatibility.
  • Deprecated API set
    • Gallery, Autodividers, ControlGroup, DatetimePicker, MultimediaView, Notification, ScrollHandler, and Swipe have been deprecated.


New Features

  • DALi has been added.

    • OpenGL ES-based light-weight rendering engine
    • Dedicated rendering thread and resource loading threads
    • 2D and 3D draw mode
    • Basic UI components
      • TextField
      • TextLabel
      • ImageView
      • Buttons
      • TableView
      • ItemView
      • ScrollView
      • ScrollBar
      • GaussianBlurView
    • Properties-based animations
    • Platform adaptation
      • Virtual keyboard
      • Clipboard
      • Native application life-cycle management
  • Evas GL/Engine
    • Support for OpenGL ES 3.0 has been added.
    • Support for DRI3 in SW-X11 Backend has been added.
  • CoreGL
    • Support for driver-independent performance optimization (called FASTPATH) has been added.
    • Helps OpenGL ES v2.0 debugging.
    • Provides performance logging (called TRACEPATH).

Change Notes

  • Evas GL/Engine

    • Provides Evas GL Context Restoring when the current context is changed.
    • Evas GL cache files (shader, capability) have been recreated by micro version.
    • Render buffer has been changed from pixmap to FBO for GLES 1.1 and 3.0.
  • ARM Mali driver (kernel & OpenGL ES driver)
    • Driver version has been updated to r4p0 from r3p0.
    • TIZEN_image_native_surface feature has been added.
    • Support for DRI3 has been added.
    • Surface pitch alignment has been changed from 8 bytes to 64 bytes.


New Reference Applications

  • Call, Message, Email, Video, Music, and more have been added.

New Features

  • Attach panel

    • Module to help attach content with ease has been added.
    • New set of API set have been added.
    • Gallery, Camera, Voice-recorder, and many applications can be used to attach various types of content.
  • Share panel
    • Module to share content with ease has been added.
    • You can call the share panel with the app_control protocol.

Application FW

New Features

  • Application background policy

    • Restricting CPU resources for background application processes has been added according to the background categories that are specified in the application manifest.
  • Alarm API
    • Alarm API set for inexact periodic processing have been added.
  • App group launching management API
    • New API to group applications has been added.
  • Application event system
    • New API to handle event broadcasting has been added.
  • Resource management API for multiple devices
    • New API to get a proper resource for multiple devices has been added.

Change Notes

  • Alarm API

    • Alarm API has been changed to support explicit app control only.
    • Some alarm API set have been changed to register UI applications only.

Windows System

New Features

  • X11

    • Two X input drivers have been integrated into one:
      X Evdev + X Evdev-multitouch => X Evdev
    • Support for the pointer barrier which restricts pointer movement has been added.
    • Support for input event generation for touchscreen and hardware key devices has been added.
    • Support for input redirection has been added to enable input event redirection to the transformed windows by compositor.
    • Support for keycode remapping has been added to remap the keycode more than 248 in the X Evdev driver.
    • Support for touch cancel event generation has been added.
    • Support for DRI3 and Present extension has been added.
    • Support for HWA (hardware access) extension has been added.
  • EOM
    • New API set for External Output Manager (EOM) have been added.
  • Window Manager
    • Support for window and input transformation has been added.
    • Support for starting a window with an iconic state has been added.
    • Support for screen on/off control using the pm-helper module has been added.
    • Support for Ecore_buffer management has been added.
    • tizen-ws-shell library has been provided for communicating between the window manager and system service applications.

Change Notes

  • X11

    • xorg-server has been upgraded from 1.13.0 to 1.16.0.
    • [Profile] ttrace has been added to xorg-server.
    • [DRI2] DRI2SwapBuffers are skipped when the size of the front buffer differs from the back buffer.
    • [DRI2] Sync draw done at DRI2SwapBuffers is sent.
    • [XV] Access control mechanism has been added regarding the screen capture request (XVPutStill).
    • [Input] Access control mechanism has been added regarding input event generation.
  • Window Manager
    • e17.service file has been moved to each e17-misc-xxx package from the e17 package.
    • Modules have been separated to e17-mod-tizen-xxx.
    • Blinking problem when the window manager is restarted has been fixed.
  • TBM
    • drm_slp so file has been removed.
    • Creation of tbm_surface with multiple buffers is allowed.

Known Issues

  • X11

    • Emulator X video driver does not support DRI3 and Present extension.

Settings and Base library

New Features

  • New tizen locale (ckb_IR, ckb_IQ, raj_IN, ce_RU) has been added.
  • XML-based configuration tool has been adopted for all modules (vconf-internal-keys).
    • Content in vconf-keys.h has been moved from 'vconf' into 'vconf-internal-keys' (refactoring).
    • All unused keys have been removed.
    • All un-initialized keys have been removed.

Change Notes

  • Open-source base libraries

    • Upgrades: SQLite3, glib2, json-glib, json-c, and boost.
    • Patches: swig, libsolve, libzypp, python, tizen-locale, and tzdata.
    • Security patches: procps, gawk and etc.
  • org.tizen.setting
    • Enhanced EFL library has been adopted.
    • Tizen 2.4 coding rules have been adopted.
    • More than 120 vconf keys have been removed from the spec and moved to vconf-internal-keys.
    • Event system functions have been moved to system settings and changed the calls with system-settings. (Refactoring)
  • system-settings
    • More than 100 UTC test-cases (system-settings) have been added and ITC, UTC test made to pass with 100%.
    • Bugs have been fixed: between logic, get/set/notifiers from EAP binary (2.3.1).
    • Event-system has been integrated into system-settings.

Convergence Service FW

New Features

  • New API set for Service-Adaptor have been added.

    • You can use a public infrastructure (such as Cloud Storage) as a local device.

Web Runtime/Web Device API set

New Features

  • Media controller API

    • This interface provides a media server (which plays media content) and a client interface (which requests the server to control the media server state, such as play and pause).
    • Normally, the server and client are created by the same application developer and the client can act as a remote controller for the media server.
    • It helps to transfer the information, such as playback info, shuffle/repeat mode, and metadata, from the media controller server to client.
    • You can control the server state by sending commands from the client.
  • Application API
    • Application interface provides application event broadcasting and listening features. The application can broadcast user events to other listening applications.
    • "GROUP" mode has been added to the Application API, and used to set an application group before launching an application using the Application Control. Specifies the application launch mode when the application is launched by the launchAppControl() method.
  • SystemInformation API
    • SystemInfoCameraFlash interface has been added to control the camera flash (getter and setter for the brightness of the camera flash).
    • SystemInfoEthernetNetwork interface has been added to get Ethernet information, such as IP address, mac address, and status.
  • Notification API
    • playLEDCustomEffect() and stopLEDCustomEffect() methods have been added in the NotificationManager interface to control the LED of the device.
    • You can play the custom effect of the service LED that is located on the front of a device.
  • Contents API
    • scanDirectory() and cancelScanDirectory() methods have been added to the ContentManager interface to perform media content scanning of a specific directory.
  • Bluetooth API
  • InputDevice API
    • This interface provides functions to subscribe to the key events of the input device.
    • You can handle device-dependent key events after registration.
  • Web Runtime
    • In the tizen:application element in the config.xml file, "launch_mode" is added to set the launch mode to "single", "caller", or "group". For more information, see Guides > Native Application > Application Framework > Application Group.
    • In the tizen:app-control element in the config.xml file, "reload" is added to enable or disable a page reload when an application control request is received.
    • Feature for restricting CPU resources for a background application process according to the background categories that are specified in the config.xml file has been added.

Change Notes

  • BT privileges (http://tizen.org/privilege/bluetooth.xx) have been deprecated to synchronize the privilege names between Web and Native Bluetooth API set. From 2.4, http://tizen.org/privilege/bluetooth must be used instead of the listed http://tizen.org/privilege/bluetooth.xx privileges.

  • Unnecessary and misplaced exception errors have been removed and added in the Web Device API specification.
    • Alarm

      • TypeMismatchError of remove() has been removed.
      • TypeMismatchError of get() has been removed.
    • Calendar
      • TypeMismatchError and InvalidValuesError of removeChangeListener() have been removed.
    • Messaging
      • TypeMismatchError and InvalidValuesError of stopSync() have been removed.
      • UnknownError of stopSync() has been added.
    • Messageport
      • TypeMismatchError and InvalidValuesError of requestRemoteMessagePort() have been removed.
      • TypeMismatchError and InvalidValuesError of requestTrustedRemoteMessagePort() have been removed.
    • Secure element
      • TypeMismatchError and InvalidValuesError of unregisterSEListener() have been removed.
  • websetting privilege has been removed from websetting.removeAllCookies. Thus, websetting requires no privilege from 2.4 (no application change required for the applications written before 2.4).
  • BT API
    • Txpowerlevel attribute type of BT has been changed to long.
  • Alarm API
    • Behavior of AlarmRelative has changed. In order to decrease the power consumption, the operating system decides when it is going to be fired and what is the period between subsequent executions.
  • Calendar API
    • Default Enum values of CalendarItemPriority and CalendarItemStatus have been changed to None.
  • Notification API
    • Behavior of the ONGOING StatusNotificationType has been changed by a new UX policy.
    • On-going type notifications can be removed by user action.
  • SystemInfo API
    • getCapability() handles custom features which are additional custom device capability keys specified by OEMs.


New Features

  • GamePad API support

  • New EWK API set for reference browser
    • 26 API set have been added as public API set (such as ewk_autofill_profile_* and ewk_context_form_*).
    • Full specification and documentation will be added.
  • GetUserMedia - Facing Mode support

Change Notes


New Features

  • Enforce security

    • Number of root daemons has been reduced and non-root daemons are mostly running as "system(200)" user.
    • -fpie build options have been applied to system services to achieve Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR).
    • Smack labels have been dramatically reduced for vconf keys.
  • Tizen App DRM
    • drm-service-core-tizen package has been introduced to decrypt DRM-protected applications.

Change Notes

Known Issues

  • Root processes can override the Smack access control check. Smack-related capabilities on root processes have been limited.


New Features

  • Support for a new mobile reference board TM1 with HD LCD has been added.
  • Support for the 6Lowpan module for Bluetooth Low Energy has been added.
  • Support for Samsung Game Pad I-GP20 has been added.
  • Support for HID device drivers (BT mouse and keyboard) has been added.
  • Built-in SWAP kernel module has been added for supporting the dynamic analyzer.

Change Notes

  • Linux kernel version for the mobile profile has been upgraded to Linux-3.10.65.

System FW

New Features

  • New API set to get system CPU / memory usage info have been added to runtime-info.
  • New feedback API set to play sound or vibration associated with properties have been added.
  • Tizen zip file system based on user-level filesystem has been provided.
  • Forced reclaim based on a hard limit of swap cgroup has been added.
  • System event has been exposed to give notifications through the application event system.

Change Notes

  • Removable storage management has been enhanced.
  • Restricting CPU resources for background application processes has been enhanced.
  • Support for default process smack-labeling for security enhancement has been added.
  • Open source upgrades
    • D-Bus version has been upgraded to v1.8.16.
    • systemd version has been upgraded to v216.

Compatibility Issues Between 2.4.0 Beta and 2.4.0


  • [Changed] PixmapImage class name has been changed to NativeImageSource:

    • Old: PixmapImage
    • New: NativeImageSource

Service Adaptor

  • [Removed] API has been removed, because it is not designed properly for the Service Adaptor:

    • service_adaptor_query_plugin_by_file()

Sync Manager

  • For API enhancement, several changes have been applied to Sync Manager. For more detailed information, see the API Reference.
  • [Changed] two API set may require a proper privilege to work correctly:
  • [Added] New capabilities have been added for media:
  • [Removed] Some sync_period_e enumeration items have been removed:
  • [Changed] Parameters have been changed:
    • sync_manager_add_periodic_sync_job()

      • Old: (account_h account, const char* capability, bundle *extra, sync_period_e sync_period)
      • New: (account_h account, const char *sync_job_name, sync_period_e sync_period, sync_option_e sync_option, bundle *sync_job_user_data, int *sync_job_id)
  • [Removed] Some API set have been removed:
    • sync_adapter_init()
    • sync_adapter_destroy()
    • sync_manager_connect()
    • sync_manager_disconnect()
    • sync_manager_add_sync_job()
    • sync_manager_remove_sync_job()
    • sync_manager_remove_periodic_sync_job()


  • [Removed] feedback_type_e enumeration item has been removed:


Media Controller

  • [Changed] Item names of several enumerations have been changed to avoid type name duplication. The prefix MC_ is added to all items of each enumeration:

    • mc_meta_e

      • Old: MEDIA_TITLE, ...
      • New: MC_META_MEDIA_TITLE, ...
    • mc_playback_states_e
      • New: MC_PLAYBACK_STATE_NONE, ...
    • mc_shuffle_mode_e
      • Old: SHUFFLE_MODE_ON, ...
      • New: MC_SHUFFLE_MODE_ON, ...
    • mc_repeat_mode_e
      • Old: REPEAT_MODE_ON, ...
      • New: MC_REPEAT_MODE_ON, ...

Key Manager

  • [Removed] API has been removed, because it does not work correctly:

    • ckmc_get_cert_chain_with_trustedcert_alias()
  • [Deprecated] API has been deprecated, because new API set added since 2.4 are recommended for use:
    • ckmc_get_cert_chain_with_alias()

Media Vision

  • [Removed] Non-supported definition and enumeration have been removed:

    • mv_barcode_detect_attr_mode_e

Tone/Wav Player

  • [Removed] Non-supported tone_player_error_e enumeration item has been removed:


Phonenumber Utils

  • [Removed] Non-supported phone_number_error_e enumeration item has been removed:


Application Framework

  • [Deprecated] two API set that are not supported since 2.4 have been deprecated:

    • app_get_external_shared_data_path()
    • app_get_external_data_path()
  • [Deprecated] Non-supported operations of application control have been deprecated:

Context Trigger

  • [Changed] API behavior has changed. The launch request of the service application is restricted. The function returns CONTEXT_TRIGGER_ERROR_VALID_RULE, if the launch request is for the service application.

    • context_trigger_rule_set_action_app_control()

Maps Service

  • [Changed] Some API set require additional privileges to work properly:

    • maps_service_create()
    • maps_service_geocode()
    • maps_service_geocode_inside_area()
    • maps_service_geocode_by_structured_address()
    • maps_service_reverse_geocode()
    • maps_service_search_place()
    • maps_service_search_place_by_area()
    • maps_service_search_place_by_address()
    • maps_service_search_route()
    • maps_service_search_route_waypoints()
    • http://tizen.org/privilege/network.get
    • http://tizen.org/privilege/internet
    • Or both


  • [Added] New state definition of the battery charger has been added to clarify “discharging”:



  • [Changed] nfc_record_tnf_e type name has been changed to correct a typo:



  • [Deprecated] two API set have been deprecated to restrict misuse:

    • device_display_change_state()
    • device_power_wakeup()