Getting Started

The Tizen IVI project sets a new standard for in-vehicle infotainment in cars, buses, airplanes and beyond. It provides an open source development environment for computing systems on x86 and ARM* platforms. Leveraging HTML5 technology, it provides portable applications offering a rich Internet and multimedia experience to consumers on the go.

For a quick overview of Tizen IVI, check out our webinar - An Introduction to Tizen IVI.

Get started working with Tizen:

See the Tizen IVI functional block diagram and links on the Architectural Overview page.

Learn about installing and running Tizen IVI in the Running Tizen IVI section.

For the latest information about ongoing development of Tizen IVI visit the Tizen IVI Dashboard page.

Find links and information for developing your IVI platform or application in the Developing for Tizen IVI section.

Explore additional components and examples on the Add-Ons page.

Join the IVI community and find support on the Support & Community page.

Check out lots of detailed information in the Tizen IVI wiki, here!