Voice search in Tizen OS using ReactNativeWeb,It's working fine in localhost (chrome).Not Working in Simulator & physical TV.

I Developed a Movie OTT application for Tizen Using React Native Web.
In that application I am developing a Voice Search Feature. for that I used
react-speech-recognition which using window.SpeechRecognition .
It's working very fine in my mac chrome browser . And It's not working in Tizen Simulator and Physical TV device.
here i am attaching my my config file: and search screen

please tell me where i did mistake.

if possible please give me an example to build voice search 

Thank you.



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Emily Strickland

Congratulations on developing a movie OTT application for Tizen using React Native Web! Integrating a voice search feature can greatly enhance the user experience. I understand that you're facing difficulties with getting the voice search feature to work on the Tizen Simulator and physical TV device.

Emily Strickland

Based on the information you provided, it seems that the issue might be related to compatibility or limitations of the Tizen platform. The react-speech-recognition library you're using relies on the window.SpeechRecognition object, which may not be supported on Tizen devices.