Tizen Studio "Debug As" for "Tizen Web Application" starts a very slow build. Can this build step be skipped if we use the CLI?

There are a few threads about this like here, but there doesn't seem to be a solution. It's probably not a secret that the build in Tizen Editor for large projects takes hours. (For an unknown reason?) I just had a build take 3 hours. This same build takes only 15 seconds when running "tizen build-web" using the CLI. The issue is there's no way to debug a web project using the CLI. (As far as I can tell at least).

In Project -> Properties -> Tizen Studio -> Package -> Web there's an optimization option that's unchecked. Is this used during the build step? It it possible to use a wildcard here to disable the presumed optimization being done to all files? I can't find any documentation for this field. I tried "*.js,*.css" but it doesn't seem to change any behavior with the builds.

Ideally I'd like to build in the CLI, since it's fast, then start the Debug As using the existing build rather than starting a new one. Is this possible? If not is there an option for building debug programs that I'm missing? Why is it taking an hour to build? It seems like it gets "stuck" working on relatively small .js files forever.

edit: I got rid of the out of memory heap issue I mentioned in a previous edit by increasing the eclipse.ini to 4 GBs. This stops Tizen Editor from crashing and I finally got a build to complete. It took around 3 hours and 15 minutes to build and open in the debugger. This makes it basically unusable.



Edited by: Sirisian None on 03 Feb, 2020