How to fetch Device details (UUId, version, model...) in Web Apllication

How to fetch Device details (UUId, version, model...) in Web Apllication.

I tried using cordova but it is not working. Is there any APIs to fetch device details


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Elio Baresi

In hybrid applications, Cordova can be used to get device characteristics such as UUID, version, and model; however, for pure web applications, normal JavaScript and the attributes of the navigator object can be used. Navigator.userAgent, for instance, offers device-specific information. But be advised that browser security may restrict some details. If you require more precise information, think about developing a hybrid application or looking into third-party APIs that can be customized to your needs. I used this method when I encountered the same issue while working for a leading software development and  ML & AI development services provider.

Evan Shields

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