Tizen .NET tutorial or course to recommend

I have searched around to find some courses or tutorial series. I have not found any courses about Tizen .NET. Only few short video tutorials and of course get started guide in Tizen Developer portal. Can anybody recommend any books, courses or tutorial series in this topic?

I understand that Tizen .NET is based on Xamarin Forms, but have not found any suggestions to learn Xamarin Forms first nor its is required skill before jumping into Tizen .NET development.

If I have to suggest to somebody with the same question, I would say start learning it on Tizen Developer portal, look samples on their github and get familiar with Xamarin Forms. But after that you are on your own.


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Tizen .NET


Thank you for your interest in developing Tizen .NET applications.

We hope you can get resources about Tizen .NET app development at the following sites:

You can easily find out Xamarin.Forms or .NET related tutorials or video clips on the Internet.


Ran Saar

Thank you for these general links, but I already knew these. As you can see even in your list there are no courses or books about Tizen .NET. Is it not the problem to get new developers into Tizen .NET environment? With out it you only get people who really need it. New developer first need to understand Xamarin.Forms and then can check these small tips/solutions how to generally solve some simple steps. But if new developer start to learn Xamarin.Form, they will try it out on android or ios, because tutorial or course showing that. And why would they need to switch into Tizen environment  in later state if they see that it is already working on android? They can easily lost intrest of Tizen side.


So if anybody need tips where to start I suggest this Xamarin.Form course. It is in better format, is not so technical at beginning and does not end after first example:

Then learning Xamarin.Form try to implement the same stuff into Tizen.NET too, so you slowly get hang of Tizen also. And these examples/links will help you to solve Tizen part: