SMART HUB with TIZEN 4.0 TV .net App


i can install and run an Tizen 4.0 TV .net App on an emulator and a real TV device.

But i can't start it directly from the "Apps" tab on the Smart Hub, because it is hidden.

A web TV app (.wgt package) can be started from the "Apps" tab and can be added to the Smart Hub.
This web app can also start the other .net application over the application API.

Why are .net apps not shown in the "Apps" tab of the Smart Hub? Is this feature just missing, because it is in development
or is this an intended behaviour?

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Peter Wegner

Thanx for info.


"We" miss since month(S) official statement...

dotNet alive or dotNet now dead...




As you can see. Nobody answer your question...


Sorry, if you see the other posts/threads... they are too unanswered...

WE have still questions but get no answers...


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Aamir Ali

so can we know build a TV application using .Net platform? I cannot see any such thing on Tizen Studio to do so. 

File > New Project > Sample or Template > TV > I can only choose Web Application (JS, HTML5, CSS).


Armaan-Ul- Islam

I've tested deploying Tizen Web applications (.wgt) and Tizen .NET applications (.tpk) on TV Emulator.And Yes, the finding is same as yours; Tizen .NET applications are not included in the 'Apps'.


"is this an intended behavior?" 

-It Shouldn't be, sounds irrational.


"Is this feature just missing, because it is in development?"

- Might, Cause before Tizen 4.0 release it was only '.wgt' apps who belonged in the 'Apps' /app drawer of a Tizen TV.


As the web app can launch the installed .net application using application API, It's clear that the .NET app is installed on the machine. The point is 'Apps'/app drawer is not recognizing it as an app.

Morten Nielsen

I've been hacking around the manifest too, but everything seems to be fine. I can't for the life of me figure how you'd get an app to run without launching remotely from a PC. This significantly reduces the ability to do longer-term day-to-day real-world testing of the app

Juwon(Julia) Ahn

You can launch your Tizen .NET app on TV Samsung 5.0 Emulator.

- Install TV related Extensions through Tizen Studio 3.0 Package Manager > Extension SDK

- Launch HD1080 TV (Platform : tv-samsung-5.0-x86) emulator from Tizen Studio 3.0 Emulator Manager

- Install your Tizen .NET application on this emulator

- Press HOME key > Left key(Move to "APPS") > Up key and move to your .NET app using direction keys(Right/Left). And then press Enter key



Morten Nielsen

@Juwon(Julia) Ahn

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not interested in doing any long-term testing on an emulator, nor are there AFAIK any v5.0 TVs available at this point (nor do I intend on buying a new TV). If you're running on an emulator, you might as well just launch the app from Visual Studio.

Being able to launch and test your app on real devices is an absolute must-have. I cannot believe you would skip such an important feature. So how do we accomplish this? Or do you need to push out a software update asap so we can do something as basic as this?