Running a Tizen .NET application from Visual Studios to Samsung QB13R-T

I am trying to develop a .NET application for the Samsung Tizen TV and in the process of doing so, I found I am not able to debug the application remotely from Visual Studios to the device. The device is connected properly within the device manager, and the application works within the emulator. But when sending the application to the deivce, QB13R-T, I get messages from the Tizen output saying the it "successfully launched" but the application throws an error of

/home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/sdbd-plugin-3.4.0/src/lldb_server_launcher.cpp::main():AttachZone failed

I am not able to find any information on this error and how to resolve it. Even trying the basic template applications failed, I have attempted to use the Blank App with Xamarin.Forms, a Blank app with Tizen.NUI, and a Blank App with OpenTKContentApp. All of these throw the same error.

Any information on how to resolve and address this issue would be greatly appreciated. 


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Juyun Jang

Samsung QB13R-T model is a Sinage product and does not support .NET App development environment.
.NET App development environment is possible in a product line that supports Smart TV feature (ex. appstore).
If you want to develop on the Samsung Smart TV, please refer to the guide provided by

In order to install the development app on Smart TV, you need to enable developer mode in "Apps".