Newbee: Companion app with Tizen .Net possible?


I am new to development for Tizen. A few days ago I got my Galaxy watch 46mm LTE and want to create a simple app for it.

I am an experienced software developer so I started to dive into Tizen development. I want to create an app where one part runs on th watch and the other part on my Android mobile device (Galaxy Note 4). I think this kind of app is called companion app - right? 

Since I am familiar with C# development using Microsoft Visual Studio I saw that there is Tizen .NET.

My question now, is it possible to develop a companion app using Tizen .NET and Visual Studio? Can I develop the part for the watch and also for the mobile device (my Galaxy Note 4)? If yes can someone give me any start-up assistance please?

Thanks a lot...


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Armaan-Ul- Islam

Samsung Offers Accessory SDK for the feature you are looking for. The latest release of Accessory SDK is 2.6.1 on August, 2018, the latest SDK version support only Tizen Native & Tizen Web Applications yet according to the Guides & Samples.

Tizen .NET is new on town, We hope Tizen .NET support for Accessory SDK will be introduced soon.

Juwon(Julia) Ahn

Yes, you can develop a companion app using Tizen .NET for Galaxy Watch.

Guide for developing a companion .NET app :

Samples :

Tizen SAP C# API :

Emil Alipiev

did you find any answer to your question? Today i tried in xamarin using android binding library because there is still no api or nuget for samsung accessroy sdk but only available as jar. It is not working for some reason. you can find my thread here