How to use SQLite on .NET TIZEN

I want to use SQLite db on my test .NET app.

So I've implemented sample code(my test .NET app).

In order to use SQLite, my app is referenced SQLite dll which is downloaded

Also I added it from NuGet. These are not applied same time on my test app.

So I can build my test app but it generated exception at ctreating SQLiteConnection.

How can I fix it?

Is there anybody who has sample .NET app using SQLite?

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Armaan-Ul- Islam

I would Suggest you to Use any PCL (Portable Class Library ) version of SQLite. That may Support Tizen.NET.

Yauhen Sampir

It's not working, because no one support tizen as I see.
Do you have any other options to use SqlLite on .NET Tizen?

Armaan-Ul- Islam

Haven't seen any guides/documentations on the Internet yet on How to Use SQLite in Tizen.NET.


Guides and API Documentations are growing fast...hope to see it soon.