How to open a Galaxy Store rating page from a .NET Tizen watch app

Hello, can you help me with this issue?

I would like to open the rating page on the Galaxy Store from my .NET Tizen watch app. I want to implement the dialog “Please, give us 5 star review” that would be displayed on the watch, and it would lead to the store.

I found that I can use the AppControl class and pass the application ID:

    new AppControl
        Operation = AppControlOperations.View,
        ApplicationId = "",
        Uri = Constants.AppID,
        LaunchMode = AppControlLaunchMode.Single
    }, (launchRequest, replyRequest, result) => { });

With this privilege


This works both on Gear S3 with Tizen 4.0, as well as the newer Galaxy Active watch. But it opens only a simplified version of the store - there is no rating button! It’s a different UI than if I open the store app manually and search for the app.

How this can be done? Can I pass a different parameter to open the correct ratings page?

This guide seems to be obsolete. The org.tizen.tizenstore is not available on the watch anymore, there is just and the launch parameters seems to be different. Also there was a new quide on the Galaxy Store published this week, but it seems it works only for phone, not for Tizen watch apps. What other options do I have, implementing a web browser on the watch and opening a link? Opening the website on a connected phone?

Thanks for help!