CreateProcess Error failed with error 2. When trying to open "Device Manager"

I am unable to open the "Device Manager" at all in Windows. When I try to open it I get the following error: "CreateProcess Error failed with error 2. The system cannot find the file specified". One thing I thought was strange is that when I open the "Package Manager" I do not see "Device Manager" listed under "Baseline SDK". I did try deleting the "Baseline SDK" and reinstalling it but it didnt fix anything. Anyone able to help?

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One thing to add here. I did uninstall Tizen Studio and reinstall it and I am still getting the same thing. I also found that I am able to connect to my watch using the "Remote Device Manager" option in Tizen Studio when clicking on the drop down, however if I select the "Device Manager" option from the tools menu, I get the same error as described above. I also am using Visual Studio, which seems to point to the same "Device MAnager" that is having the problem.

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Jay Cho

Hello, please check your `JAVA_HOME` path, agin.
For example, your path should be like "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_191" which does not include "bin" folder at the end.

More detail guide about installing JDK can be found at the following url.