I want to develop native app for wearble device using BLE.

I want to develop Tizen wearable native app using BLE. which is send data over BLE to android app like using classic Bluetooth. I have research about it but did not get any example or info. anybody can you please help me to develop this app. or give me the reference for it.

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William Thompson

Tizen Bluetooth API documentation: Explore the Tizen Bluetooth API documentation available within the Tizen Studio IDE or on the Tizen Developer website. It provides detailed information about using Bluetooth features in Tizen apps.

Alicia Smith

"Developing a native app for a wearable device using BLE is a fantastic endeavor! It opens up a world of possibilities for seamless interactions and data exchange. When it comes to expert guidance and top-notch development, you should definitely consider reaching out to a reputable Android development company. Their specialized knowledge and experience can be invaluable in ensuring your app performs flawlessly on Android devices. Best of luck with your project!"


Emma Alva

Discover the Tizen Bluetooth API documentation, which is accessible through the Tizen Studio IDE or on the Tizen Developer website.