Tyzen studio 5. - Failed to launch emulator

I am on windows 10 on AMD ryzen 2600x

I have an error (see first attached image) when trying to launch the emulator for a samsung tv


Virtualisation is enabled in my bios and I can run virtualbox, vmware, docker just fine. I tried to enable CPU VT on the emulator settings but I get a red icon and I cannot save it:

 (see 2nd attached image) (for some reason i cannot upload more than 1 image)

How can I run an emulator on ryzen 2600x??


edit: good lord this forum is horrible to use. My attached image is not visible.

The error I get is 

Failed to launch emulator : T- samsung-6.5-x86

Your system cannot support HW virtualisation.

Try install KVM (ubuntu) or HAX (windows or Mac)


I have wasted almost 1 hour setting everything up and still not working.. I understand why tizen apps are so rare and not gaining traction.

The tools provided are so bad.

Edited by: doe on 16 Nov, 2022