Issue With Viewing Contents of iFrame after .NET update

We have a page on our website with an iFrame that shows recorded videos from AVCapture All (https:// - If you view this page in your web browser on your desktop, tablet, mobile, they all work just fine, and up until just recently the Tizen browser on our Samsung TV's also worked fine. A couple of weeks ago, AVCapture All updgraded their infrastructure from .NET 6 to .NET 8 and ever since they did that, the Tizen browser on our TV's will no longer load the content of the iFrame... all we get is a message that says loading and at the bottom of the iFrame it says "An unhandled error has occurred. Reload". 

Was hoping there was something that could be done to push out an update to the Tizen browser so it will support showing iFrames from .NET 8... is this possible?

The browser that is currently installed on our TV's is TizenBrowswer version 5.2.06080

Thank you.