apk to tpk / side load apk? anything at all? Tizen app store seems to be so limited in every aspect.

is there anyway at all on the current latest version of tizen studio to easily convert a APK to a Tizen file? 


Trying to get RPT Play (portuguese streaming free to air) apk to work. 

The Tizen appstore is the most limitied / restricted store i have ever seen. I understnd its linux based but surely there is a converter of some sort somewhere? 
Is there a way to flash android tv onto tvs running tizen ?




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davis john

You must first enable  the option that permits the installation of programs from untrusted sources in order to correct the APK installation issue on Android devices. Because the downloaded APK file will typically  be saved in your File folder, you won't be able to install it if you don't allow installation from downloaded files in this folder. 

Ashley Arias

To run an Android app on a Tizen-based device, it would typically involve rewriting the app using Tizen's native application framework or utilizing Tizen's web application framework to create a Tizen-compatible version of the app. This would require manual coding and adapting the app's functionality and user interface to work within the Tizen environment.