Tizen SDK for Wearable 1.0.0b2 Release Notes

API Changes

A. Web framework

  • SAP

    • Added authenticatePeerAgent API in SAAgent interface to provide authentication information of remote peer agent. 
  • Web Runtime
    • The following constraint is added for web application packages (widgets).

      • Application ID: Once published, an application ID cannot be changed.
  • Web Device API
    • Time API now has setDateTimeChangeListener/unsetDateTimeChangeListener to set/unset a listener for a time setting change.
    • MotionType “HRM” and “SLEEP_MONITOR” are removed from the Motion API.
    • The Bluethooth API , which was incorrectly listed in the supported API lists in the 1.0.0b1 release note, is now removed in the list.
  • Web UI Framework
    • IndexScrollbar() can receive options object.
    • Swipelist widget is added.
    • System font change is reflected. The default font-family is set to “Tizen”, which indicates the default system font. If the default font is changed by the setting menu, the application’s font is also changed.

​​B. Fixed Bugs

  • Webkit

    • Audio recording support with Camera API.

      • “audio:true” of MediaStreamOptions is now supported in getUserMedia() API
      • Audio recording is supported with Camera API by passing audio-only MediaStream object to createCameraControl() API
      • Supported audio recording format : AMR and 3GP
    • Multimedia defect fix
      • preview pause not working issue fixed
      • camera resource management issue fixed
      • video & audio seeking issue fixed

IDE and Tools

A. New Features

  • Certificate

    • Provide using Android keystore at generating certificate request
  • ​SAP
    • ​Support SAP stack for emulator which is able to communicate with android host device.

B. Fixed Bugs

  • Emulator

    • Fixed that screen shot image may not be copied to clipboard on Ubuntu™ 64-bit.

C. Known Issues

  •  Web-IDE

    • When user query the properties of file, the properties of folder including the file is shown instead in the Connection Explorer.