Basic Functions do not exist or work properly

Not in compliance with the following Validation guidelines.

  • Application should provide functions according to the description or help.
  • Each feature of application should work without malfunction.
  • If application’s function does not work as expected, it will be rejected.

Defect Examples

  1. Does not provide functions as explained in the description or help.
    - Defect: Some of the functions described in description are not provided in application.
    - Solution: Certain functions should be provided according to the description.
  2. Occurring malfunctions.
    - Defect: Unexpected pop-up or error message Appears when user tries to user application functions.
    - Defect: Application works in a wrong or unexpected way when user selects one of the menus.
    - Defect: Linked website is not connected.
    - Solution: Application functions and menus should work properly without any kinds of malfunctions.
  3. UI without any function.
    - Defect: Nothing happens when user selects menu.
    - Solution: All UIs should have its function and response when user presses.

Self-check List

  • [Ⅲ-1] All the menus and functions operate successfully without any problems.
  • [Ⅵ-5] Menu name should be related to its content to let users identify application functions.