Visual Studio Tools for Tizen Preview provides Tizen-specific tools to improve your productivity:

  • Project Wizard
    The Project Wizard is a tool that is used to create a Tizen .NET application project.
  • Certificate Registration
    The certificates can be created, edited, removed, and set as active in the Certificate Manager. The active certificates are used when packaging your application.
  • Tizen Manifest Editor
    The Tizen Manifest Editor is a tool that is used to edit Tizen manifest file, called tizen-manifest.xml, which is used to describe the application information. 
  • Emulator Manager
    The Emulator Manager provides emulators to run your application in a virtual environment.
  • Emulator Control Panel
    The Emulator Control panel allows you to run the application in the emulator, and test a variety of user scenarios, such as network access, audio input and out, and text messages. 
  • Device Manager
    The Device Manager is a standalone tool that provides information of connected Tizen devices or emulators for application debugging.
  • Log Viewer
    The Log Viewer helps you debug your application by capturing all the events logged by the platform and your application.
  • API and Privilege Checker
    The API Checker tool checks for API and privilege usage violations in the application code. It helps you to identify and fix potential problems in the application code related to API and privilege use.