Visual Studio Tools for Tizen Preview provides Tizen-specific tools to improve your productivity:

  • Project Wizard
    The Project Wizard is a tool that is used to create a Tizen .Net application project.
  • Certificate Manager
    The certificates can be created, edited, removed, and set as active in the . The active certificates are used when packaging your application.
  • Tizen Manifest Editor
    he Tizen Manifest Editor is a tool that is used to edit Tizen manifest file, called tizen-manifest.xml, which is used to describe the application information. 
  • Emulator Manager
    The Emulator Manager provides emulators to run your application in a virtual environment.
  • Emulator Control Panel
    Emulator Manager allows you to run the application in the emulator, and test a variety of user scenarios, such as network access, audio input and out, and text messages.