Tizen Common project

Tizen Common is a common base for multiple profiles (e.g. Mobile, IVI, etc.) and provides a platform for developers and integrators. This webinar will give you an in-depth look at the Tizen Common Project. You will first be introduced to the motivation for Tizen Common before learning how you can create a new Tizen profile. You will also see a specific example/use case of a profile with Tizen IVI.

Length: 1:12:14

About the speaker

Dominig Ar Foll (Dominique Le Foll) holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the French School ESAT in Paris. He started as a research engineer for ten years before joining the Telecom Industry.

Dominig has also won several patents in Europe, US and Asia. He currently works for Intel Open Technology Centre as Senior Software Architect on Tizen and Yocto projects and is located in Vannes, Brittany.