Tizen 2.3 Native Application Framework

In this webinar, Sanjeev B.A. from Samsung's Open Source Group discusses the Native Application Framework that was introduced with Tizen 2.3. These libraries are based on lightweight native platform API and EFL and allows developers to write fast, responsive, and scalable native applications with easy access to the Tizen platform features. Sanjeev will also discuss how application developers can reuse existing open source libraries with ease.

You will also learn how you can manage application lifecycle and system events with example code blocks. If you are interested in developing mobile applications for Tizen, you will want to become familiar with native application framework and the set of APIs that is at the heart of Tizen mobile applications.

Length: 26:33

About the speaker

Sanjeev B.A. has been involved in Tizen since its inception and has contributed towards the development of different software components of the platform, including open source components like EFL (elementary, elev8 and ecore). He has also developed native applications for Tizen using EFL and native API. His prior experience involved software development for telecom solutions and mobile devices.