Current Xamarin.Forms Limitations

Current Xamarin.Forms Limitations

The following table lists the classes that are supported with minor limitations. With continuous development, Tizen.NET's support for the Xamarin.Forms APIs will increase.

Table: Classes with minor limitations

Result when the feature is used
BoxView Property BackgroundColor   BackgroundColor is ignored, use Color.
IsEnabled   BoxView is not interactive, and enabling does not change that.
IsFocused   Always false.
Focus   Ignored.
Unfocus   Ignored.
Event Focused   Never triggered.
Unfocused   Never triggered.
Button Property BorderColor   Ignored.
BorderRadius   Ignored.
BorderWidth   Ignored.
Constraint Method FromExpression()   Does not always work as expected.
Device Method OnPlatform<T>(T,T,T)   No action.
OnPlatform(Action, Action, Action, Action)   No action.
Editor Property Text   Layout of multiple line text does not always work as expected.
Image Property BackgroundColor   Does not always work as expected.
Layout Property IsClippedToBounds   Ignored.
ListView Property Footer   Not shown.
FooterTemplate   Ignored.
GroupDisplayBinding   Ignored.
GroupShortNameBinding   Ignored.
HasUnevenRows   Can cause performance degradation.
Height   Ignored.
HeaderTemplate   Ignored.
IsPullToRefreshEnabled   Property is always set to false. Attempts to change it to true are ignored.
IsRefeshing   Always false.
SeparatorColor   Separator is not visible, so the color has no effect.
Method BeginRefresh()   No action.
ScrollTo() animated parameter is not supported. Scrolling is not animated.
Event Refreshing   As IsPullToRefreshEnabled is not supported, this event is never triggered.
MasterDetailPage Method ShouldShowToolbarButton()   Ignored.
Property ToolbarItems  

Only ToolbarItems for the MasterDetailPage are shown.

ToolbarItems for the Master and Detail pages are not shown.

NavigationPage Property BarBackgroundColor    
Tint Obsolete in Xamarin.Forms.  
Method SetTitleIcon()   No action.
GetTitleIcon()   No action.
Page Property Icon   No action.

Only one ToolbarItem is supported for each Order.

Primary and Default indicate the 'right' action button on the title bar.

Secondary indicates the 'left' action button on the title bar. Therefore, if Secondary is used, no back button is shown.

The priority of the 'left' action button is first Secondary and then the back button. For example, if a toolbar item is assigned to Secondary, the left action button is the Secondary toolbar item.

Only one toolbar item is supported for each order. If multiple toolbar items are specified, the first toolbar item is used.

BackgroundImage   Image is not displayed as a background.
ScrollView Method ScrollToAsync() animated parameter is not supported. Scrolling is not animated.
Slider Property Rotation   Does not always work as expected.
SwitchCell Property Height   Ignored.
HasUnevenRows Can cause performance degradation. Does not work for TextCell.  
RowHeight Can cause performance degradation. Does not work for TextCell.  
Root   Previous root is not cleared from TableView.
Intent   Does not affect the view.
TextCell Property Height   Ignored.
VisualElement Property InputTransparent    
Opacity   Does not always work as expected.
ViewCell Property View   Does not always work as expected.