Tizen App Challenge Announces Winners of $4+ Million in Prizes

Contest Awards 64 Prizes to Developers Using New Mobile Operating System for HTML5 and Native Applications

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Feb 23, 2014) - Mobile World Congress 2014 -- The Tizen App Challenge today announced the winners of the Tizen App Challenge at Mobile World Congress 2014. A total of $4.04 million is being awarded to 54 entrants in 9 categories, as well as the top 10 ranked HTML5 apps.

The skills-based contest -- designed to motivate and reward app developers using the Tizen mobile platform to develop innovative, creative, functional and original applications in both "Game" and "Non-Game" categories -- has accelerated the Tizen mobile ecosystem and expanded the Tizen Store. Submissions were evenly split between native Tizen apps and HTML5 apps, showing strong momentum for both development environments.

Tizen is an open source, standards-based software platform supported by leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, and silicon suppliers for multiple device categories such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle infotainment devices and smart TVs.

Following are the winning developers and their game and non-game apps by category and prize amount:

Game App Categories, Winners and Prizes

Action, Adventure, Arcade and Sports:
$200,000 Grand Prize Winner: Beyond Space, Silesia Games Sp. z o.o.
$100,000 Runner-up Winner: Tasty Tadpoles, Mark White
$100,000 Runner-up Winner: Whale Trail, ustwo™
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Zombie Shatter, Song Wang
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Nine Hole Golf, OmniG Software Inc.
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Spirit, Jakyl / Marco Mazzoli

Role-playing and Strategy: 
$200,000 Grand Prize Winner: Sage Fusion 2, Kidalang
$100,000 Runner-up Winner: Buns Invasion - Heroes of Epic Saga! HD, Ievgenii Mykhalevskyi
$100,000 Runner-up Winner: Tiny Miner, cator GmbH
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Meanwhile, In A Parallel Universe, Zombies Indie House
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Bug Bites & Defense, Maxhp
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: RPG Symphony of the Origin, KEMCO

Board, Card, Casino, Puzzle, Word, Trivia, Music & Others:
$200,000 Grand Prize Winner: Seven Stars 3D, Idealdimension
$100,000 Runner-up Winner: Paper Cannon, Fabian Frühwirth and Stefan Maier
$100,000 Runner-up Winner: Word Chaos, Giantix Studios
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Rhino Rink, Jellimatic Studio
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Jelly Slice, Okijin Ltd
$40,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Stage Dive Legends, GmbH

Non-Game App Categories, Winners and Prizes

Productivity, Finance and Utilities: 
$120,000 Grand Prize Winner: Remind Me, Laveena Samar
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Recordoid, Somyac Slawomir Baranowski
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: QR Scanner, Mobimax
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Objectality, R&F Consulting, Inc.
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: TiNote, YoungJin Suh
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Bright Flashlight, Strawberry Appz

Education, Kids and Reference:
$120,000 Grand Prize Winner: Bramble Berry Tales - The Story of Kalkalilh, Loud Crow Interactive Inc.
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: iCanCount, GAMEPEA
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Magister, Barrington Henry and Danielle Matthews
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: BabyApps:ALL-IN-1, Je Keun Moon
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Maths Challenge 2.0, Mathieu Barbier
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Learn and Spell English Words, Wobble Monkey Studios

Music, Video, Photo, Entertainment, and Font:
$120,000 Grand Prize Winner: SplendidEffects, Michal Łuszczuk
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Picture Frame, Tran Thi Ha
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Fish Pond, Illusion Tech
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Seesu Music, Gleb Arestov
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: XENOZU Video Player, XenZu Technologies LLC
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: My Secret, Zoltan Puski

News, Magazine, Sports and Weather: 
$120,000 Grand Prize Winner: The Reel, Fluid Interaction
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Weather Tip, Mobiteka
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Hacker News (YC), Dharmesh Patel
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: News,
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: SCOOP!, 42SHIFT
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Weathy, LoopthyTS Developer Team

Social Networking:
$120,000 Grand Prize Winner: Fast Chat, Maciej Różański
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Tizona Chat, Slawomir Musial
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Are You Who, YanKiKi
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Blood Donor Manager, Mind Storm Software Pvt. Ltd.
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Social Search, KDF Infotech
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: WishU, Xiaodong HU

Lifestyle, Health, Travel and Navigation:
$120,000 Grand Prize Winner: Travel Translator, ProExe
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Moment Collections, FiveFan
$60,000 Runner-up Winner: Best Parking,
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Pharmacist, Yury Dubovoy
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: Six Weeks, Dinh Nho Hiep
$30,000 Honorable Mention Winner: SmartProtect PLUS, Tamal Basak

Top 10 Rated HTML5 Apps

The top 10 HTML5 apps were also eligible for an additional prize of $50,000 each. The developers with winning HMTL5 apps include: 
1. Sage Fusion 2, Kidalang
2. Zombie Shatter, Song Wang
3. Tasty Tadpoles, Mark White
4. POiSE: Space Adventure, IK Studio
6. Weathy, LoopthyTS Developer Team
7. Dragon Blocks, cator GmbH
8. Score Rush, Xona / Turbulenz
9. Kiba & Kumba: High Jump, Kaisergames/Spielmeister
10. Wall Tactics, GinHD

All eligible entries were reviewed by an international panel of judges, who are experts in software development and technology innovation. Games were judged based upon scores in four criteria: entertainment value, visual design, performance, and controls and input. Non-games were judged based upon scores in four criteria: usefulness, visual design, performance, and controls and input. All apps had to be accepted and certified by the Tizen Store to qualify.

"We're thrilled with the amount and quality of the applications submitted to The Tizen App Challenge, which actually made judging the apps one of our biggest challenges," said Brian Warner, Senior Member Services Manager for Linux Foundation Collaboration Projects. "The contest cultivated some of today's most versatile and creative apps, while rewarding an equally impressive and deserving group of highly talented developers."

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