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  • Updated 27 May 2018
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Tizen distribution for Yocto (fork for Freescale i.MX6)


About tizen-distro ================== tizen-distro is a combination of several different components in a single repository: - bitbake - openembedded-core - meta-openembedded - meta-qt5 - meta-tizen The top-level directory comes from openembedded-core, everything else is in its own sub-directory. tizen-distro gets updated by copying importing patches from the component's repostories. Please submit patches against those instead of tizen-distro. Updating tizen-distro ===================== Everyone with a copy of the tizen-distro repository can use scripts/combo-layer to import patches from the components. That works because the "last_revision" property which gets changed after each import gets committed to the combined repostory. First, copy conf/combo-layer-local-sample.conf into conf/combo-layer-local.conf and set the paths for each component repository to a suitable location. Then run: - "scripts/combo-layer init" (only once) - "scripts/combo-layer update <component>" where <component> is either one of components above (for updating just that one) or empty (for updating all) Branching tizen-distro ====================== Each branch in tizen-distro tracks one branch in each component. To create a new branch: - checkout a new branch in tizen-component - change the "branch" properties in conf/combo-layer.conf - change the branch part in the last_revision sections - commit - continue as before This works best if the last imported revision from each component is the branching point of that component. Ensure that by updating before the components branch. If it is too late, either select patches interactively or import too many patches and then drop unwanted ones via "git rebase" or "git reset --hard". Remember to keep "last_revision" correct when doing that.