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Jo (0.5.0) is a thin (~16K) candy shell for making HTML5 apps. Jo works with: PhoneGap, Chrome, Safari, Opera, FireFox, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, Tizen, & Windows Phone 8+. Features include skinnable UI widgets, a clean event model and a light data layer.


Summary ======= Jo is a JavaScript framework for HTML5 capable browsers and devices. It was originally designed to work on mobile platforms as a GUI and light data layer on top of PhoneGap. Since its creation, Jo has also been tested successfully as a lightweight framework for mobile browsers, newer desktop browsers, and even Dashboard widgets. Building ======== It's pretty easy to build on your own, but to get the most out of it you'll want to get a minifier like `jsmin` or the YUI Compressor. Minified and gzipped, Jo weighs in around 12K with no other JavaScript library dependancies. Mac OSX, Linux & BSD -------------------- cd jo ./build Windows ------- cd jo build.bat If you're not up for building the library yourself, there's nothing wrong with downloading the latest stable release, all built and ready to plug in by selecting "Download as Zip" here on GitHub. Directory Map ============= Important files in the directory tree are: - `js/jo_min.js` This is the jo library bundled and minified, ready to drop into your project. You will need to build the library to make this file (as well as the un-minified version `jo.js` which is useful for debugging). - `css/flattery/*` This is the new CSS3 bundle ready to ship your app with. Also serves as a good example of modern HTML5 styling capabilities. Looks pretty bad in IE up through version 8. - `docs/*.mdown` These are supplimental doc files which are used by joDoc to build out the developer guide portions of the documentation. [![endorse](https://api.coderwall.com/balmer/endorsecount.png)](https://coderwall.com/balmer)