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# Titanium Mobile for Tizen Welcome to the Appcelerator Titanium Mobile open source project. Titanium provides a platform for web developers to build cross-platform, native mobile applications using JavaScript. For more information on Titanium, visit This repository holds files necessary for the support of the **Tizen operating system** as one of the target platforms of Titanium. Features --------- - Developers can use the common Titanium API to write Tizen applications. - The Tizen CLI build plugin allows using the common CLI interface to build, deploy, run, and debug Tizen applications. - Tizen-specific extensions to Titanium API allow to access Tizen-specific functionality, if required. Contributing -------------- Titanium is an open source project. Titanium wouldn't be where it is now without contributions by the community. Please consider forking this repo to improve, enhance or fix issues. If you feel like the community will benefit from your fork, please open a pull request. To protect the interests of the Titanium contributors, Appcelerator, customers and end users we require contributors to sign a Contributors License Agreement (CLA) before we pull the changes into the main repository. Our CLA is simple and straightforward - it requires that the contributions you make to any Appcelerator open source project are properly licensed and that you have the legal authority to make those changes. This helps us significantly reduce future legal risk for everyone involved. It is easy, helps everyone, takes only a few minutes, and only needs to be completed once. [You can digitally sign the CLA]( online. Please indicate your email address in your first pull request so that we can make sure that will locate your CLA. Once you've submitted it, you no longer need to send one for subsequent submissions. Legal ----- Licensed under the Apache Public License v2. Please see the LICENSE file for more information. Copyright (c) 2012-2015 by Appcelerator, Inc. All Rights Reserved.