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UI Overview

The Tizen platform gives you optimum flexibility when developing your applications. Using Tizen's native and web frameworks, you'll be able to build applications in the HTML5 environment that deliver a consistent user experience on all devices.
Before you get started, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the fundamental aspects of the Tizen user interface:


In the Tizen platform, there are various methods available to notify users of new events on the device. Notification panel and ticker notifications are provided as generic notification methods and you can also use pop-up and badge notifications.

The notification UI supports multimodal feedback, which is a combination of events from visual, auditory, and tactile interfaces.

You can use the following types of notifications:


Navigation in Tizen follows the principle that a device's screen must move and change according to changes in the application depth. The navigation design must be consistent so that the user can clearly understand which depth and screen of the application they are currently using.

Since navigation is the single biggest factor affecting an application's overall usability, we encourage you to consider navigation-related issues as early as possible in your application development process.