Configuring Your Application



  • Tizen Studio 1.0 and Higher

Tizen Studio provides the following set of tools to help you configure your native application projects:

  • Manifest Editor (Configuring the Application Manifest)

    The manifest editor tool allows you to edit the application manifest with a text or form editor. The application manifest contains the application configuration, including specific features and more general runtime settings.

  • Resource Manager (Providing Resources for Multiple Device Types)

    The Resource Manager view helps you to support specific device configurations, such as different screen densities and languages, in your applications. Tizen native applications can run on different types of devices with various resolutions and resources, and you can develop your applications to support specific or multiple device types and resolutions.

  • PO File Localization Editor (Localizing Application Resources)

    The PO file editor tool is used to localize text strings by editing .po files. Text string localization is the process of translating into different languages the strings used by your application.