PWD fle format for profile.xml (certificates)

Hi, there.

I have a trouble with the packing of a wgt file in Tizen Studio 3.0 on Ubuntu 18.10.
I can't pack any project (even HelloTizen, TV v4.0). Every time the java-message "Invalid password" appears.
Advices to reinstall the studio or Ceftificate Manager are useless.

I found the path to build a wgt file: there is the attribute "password" in the tag <profileitem> of the file profiles.xml where
the path to the password file is written (e.g. <tizen-data>/keystore/author/*.pwd). If I delete this path and build a project
(CLI: tizen package -t wgt -s <cert_name> -- <workspace_path>/HelloTizen) then receive command line prompt asking for a password.
After an entering password a wgt file is built and the path to a pwd file reappears in profiles.xml, but pwd file isn't created.

I want to create the pwd file manually, but can't find the info about the format of it. Can anybody help me?


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a seph

There are two solutions of my problem (both are bad):
1. Roll back to version 2.5 (
2. Generate tizen-certificates (NOT Samsung) - an author's and the default distributor (with default tizen distributor password "tizenpkcs12passfordsigner"). Write passwords instead of paths in the file <tizen-data>/profile/profiles.xml:

<profileitem ca="<tizen>/tools/certificate-generator/certificates/developer/tizen-developer-ca.cer" distributor="0" key="<tizen-data>/keystore/author/<cert>.p12" password="<strong_password>" rootca=""/>

<profileitem ca="<tizen>/tools/certificate-generator/certificates/distributor/tizen-distributor-ca.cer" distributor="1" key="<tizen>/tools/certificate-generator/certificates/distributor/tizen-distributor-signer.p12" password="tizenpkcs12passfordsigner" rootca=""/>

The author's password must be strong (letters in different case, numbers, etc.). If the password is not strong enough (for example, it consists of digits only), when you try to build the project, the profiles.xml will be overwritten (that is, you will need to edit it manually before each new rebuild).

After that, you can build projects in the studio or using the CLI:

tizen package -t wgt -s <profile_name> -- </path/to/folder>

You can't install wgt-files to the emulator through the studio. I could do it so:
run the emulator:


after running install the file:

tizen install -n <wgt_name> -s emulator-26101 -- </path/to/folder>

Weak points:

Solution 1 - it is impossible to develop applications v5.0
Solution 2 - is a kludge and I don’t know how to run a standard web debugger.

виктор Коваленко

Alas, it does not grind


Armaan-Ul- Islam

Hello виктор Коваленко,

So What's your stat ? Did the Solutions by a seph work out for you or not ?